Me leroy and Jeyna were hanging out at the pool next to my gaias home leroy left for a while so me and Jeyna started to throw stuff at him that kind off made me sad cause my other friend was trying to get to me but she couldnt her name is Siti 114she would have loved throwing things a him HAHAHA after we got finished I saw a beam so I said lets follow it but it only took use two spaces away from were we where then it was gon after that leroy was back so i said lets hid he had no clue were we were so i gave my self away then i said lets go see the chess bourd cause im curious so we headed ther but it led us to a cool pool were it is i wont tell HAHAHA it was fun but next time I want to bring evry one it sure would be fun our own meeting space but still Siti 114 if your reading this I sure wish u were there u would have loved it So we all no how this is going to end. Umm Ummm

[Evil laugh]