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its about time I bring it up
It was only a matter of time before I wrote a political journal. X3 Everyone says it, and its true, this is a very important election. But not for the reasons that you might think.

I'm going to post my views here. Feel free to post your opinions here as well, but dont you dare be disrespectful to anyone. Voting is the one right we have in the country and no one has the right to be disrespectful towards someone elses decision.

I am voting for McCain and Palin. Yes, I am republican. I am not a far right wing republican, more of a moderate one as I dont agree with all of the issues that are conisidered "republican issues". Anyway, I have many reasons as to why I am voting Mccain this year.

I don't believe that Obama is really going to help this country in the way that it needs. He seems to want to incorporate the government into more and more into our daily lives. And honestly, I'm not really a big fan of socialism. Yes, that might sound a bit harsh, but if you let the government take control of so many things, it ends up being that. And even though socialism should work wonderfully in theory, history has proven that it really doesn't.

Obama also promises all these new plans like universal healthcare. Yes, it would be fantastic if we could all be provided with health insurance (I am one who would love to have it) but where exactly is he going to get money for this? He claims that he'll get it by stopping loopholes or what have you, but honestly, we all know the only way he is going to receive that kind of money would be to raise the hell out of taxes. And whomever doesnt believe that that would happen is in denial. Honestly, his campaign for "change" means more Cha-ching (pocket change lol) than anything.

Speaking of CHANGE.... Look, Im just as sick of Bush as everyone else. But change does not mean that you need to vote for the other party completely to acheive it. I mean hello! ANY new president is a change and just because they are from the same party does not mean they will do things in the same manner. I think McCain and Palin have proven themselves to be different than Bush.

Also, can we drop the whole "OH Palin isn't experienced enough to be vp!" That is a crock of s**t and everyone knows it. Being a governor mimics a presidency much more than a senator does. Either way, shes going for VP people! Not the presidency. She basically just sits in on the senate and once in a blue moon, the VP has to take the presidents place. (I think this has only happened 5 or 6 times in all of our democracy?) Either way, exactly how much more experience has Obama had over her? Oh wait, he was a community leader, thats right. That's totally better. lol

Also, I'm really tired with how everyone is treating Obama like he is the second coming of Christ. He's more of a ******** celebrity than a leader. I turned on my TV the other day and there is now a OBAMA CHANNEL. I mean, come on, seriously? I find that a little egotistical and over the line. I'm really afraid that people are going to vote for him because it seems more fashionable instead of how he stands on the issues and how he wants to change things. I also feel, after talking to others about Obama, that people are just voting for him but have no idea WHY they are voting for him. They're just doing it because their parents and/or friends are. I was talking to a hostess at work and she said some of her classmates are 18 and they had a discussion about the election. She said that several of them said they were voting for Obama because he is black. That just appalls me on so many levels, I cant even begin to explain it. I am not politically active in any way whatsoever but I would still much rather that those people NOT vote than vote for someone for such a DUMB ASSED reason like that. Race and/or gender should have absolutely no standing in your reasons for voting on a candidate.

On other notes, I just want to talk about somethings that people are talking about in uneducated ways.

Mostly: the economy right now really has nothing to do with the current president, nor does it with any other president in any other timeline. For some reason, a majority of people seem to think that when a president puts through a economic change, that it just goes into place overnight. Sorry to say it, but no it doesn't. It takes about a decade for any of those things to go into place. (I've been telling people this for years, but my boyfriends cousin said the exact same thing the other night. He works for Charles Schwab) So, the economy right now is a direct result of the Clinton Administration. The economy was so good during Clinton's terms (because of Reagan btw) that he just sat on his hands for 8 years and didnt put through a single economic bill. And now, just because this is the natural way of things, the economy is going to go back up and whomever becomes president will get the credit. When really, it will have very little to do with them.

In the end, I dont care who you vote for, I'm just scared to death that Obama is only going to win because a majority of people are going to vote for him for the wrong reasons. I think he is using the Bush administration to his advantage to gain votes rather than just convincing people to vote for him because of the issues. So, whomever you are going to vote for, please do it for an educated reason; not just because its fashionable, or because of race, or because you hate the current president and think all republicans are that way ( we arent ) or just because you like one candidate better than the other. (I mean, I think McCains personality is kind of stagnant, but I agree with his politics. Thus why I am voting for him) If only we could all somehow get to message out to everyone then I would be confident that the next president won because he was the better man, not because we just took a 50/50 chance.

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