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Saki-chan has decided to give her journal to Sakura.
Advice? PLEASE!?
Umm...I need some advice you guys. Please help me.
I MEAN...UH...
I mean hypothetical girl #1. Help her. Not me. Yeah.
We'll call this mystery girl "Nicole."

Let's say Nicole liked a guy that she met online. But he had to move and wasn't able to get on for 8 months. And during this 8 months Nicole didn't know if he was ever coming back so she went out with someone else. But then the first guy came back and was really sad and told her that he only wanted her to be happy and then left for good and she hasn't seen him since. And then she broke up with the second guy because she didn't really like him, she was just on the rebound.
AND THEN, her friend Anna gets a long-distance relationship and starts crying when she doesn't see him for 5 minutes, and Nicole is trying tso hard not to scream, "WELL WAIT UNTIL YOU HAVEN'T SEEN HIM FOR ALMOST 3 YEARS NOW. THEN YOU CAN TALK TO ME ABOUT IT."
But she isn't going to because she's too nice.
So I...I mean Nicole....is practically dying on the inside but her personality keeps her from staying sad for too long, so she just tries to remember happy memories with the guy she misses, but the memories are fading fast.
Plus, my...I mean Nicole's other friends don't support her at all. In fact, one of her so-called friends makes fun of her for it.
So Nicole is alone, heartbroken, and pretending to be fine.

How would you cope with missing your true love so much it was killing you inside? If you were in Nicole's shoes?
Hypothetically, of course.

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    Sun Dec 13, 2009 @ 06:46pm

    I understand completely "Nicole". Heh... Trust me, I really do.
    You feel like you love this person so much sometimes that it hurts, doesn't it? Or does it hurt all the time? Well, either way, don't say no one's supporting you, because I am. 3nodding I'll always be there for you, Neechan!

    I know completely how you feel, because I feel the same way about Naoto, and I know I never told you about her. She's real. A quick version of my story if you wouldn't mind:

    When we met on the forum she made, we started talking. That day was the day I went to stay with my cousin's for a whole week. It was during the summer, of course. And we had tons in common... And when I got to my cousin's house, she refused to get off my mind, and soon, I was crying because I missed her so much. I was confused...

    And then when I got back, I immediately started talking to her. After a while, my heart skipped beats, and I could've had a whole conversation planned, bring a chatbox of hers up, and forget it completely... When I realized I loved her, at first, it kinda ticked me off... But now, she's ignoring me, and I miss her a lot...

    She's a great deal of the reason I find myself crying... So like I said, I'm supporting you desu, because I know ENTIRELY how you feel... It's like she just ditched me, and it hurt me very bad... I want to help you out. It's what friends are supposed to do. -Kai-Chan

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