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A strays path
My work my life i lead
What do you believe in?

i see the world still doesn't change
the hollow promises of men
seem to bind us in chains
and plus no asks
to messed up to ask why
watching our own downfall
witnessing the end
its we dont belive in god
cause there is so much sin
i asked myself what should we do
i hear luaghter and mockery
"whats with you"
i only wanna help
but i cant even try
the moment i fight back
people just wanna get high
like they forget what is occuring
whats going on
nobody mournes no more
they only worship and morune the person
who went and ponited the gun at more
my tear drops get bigger
but i dont know what im crying for
its when i realize
the caskets get smaller for us
another brother or sister
lying gone before us
its a battle within
from one country to another
people dying and straving
cause of somthing they are not a part of
there is genicide
when take down our own kind
is this the future for our own kind
it doesnt have to be
but the drama continues
makes you wonder why bother
drift away
and become another sinner
who just listens to the anger and violence
and becomes the spark of insanity
just another person and the people move on
they beg for change
but they nothing more

cant close my eyes cause all i see is terror
i cant look in the mirror
cause it makes the pain even realer
cause in times of armageton
darkness in mass amount
they say there helping us
but they are really helping there wallets
i started out as a begginer
but drifted into the dark
the ways of a sinner
witnessed pain maifest
grow into a tyrant
make my life earsed
but grow stronger
became the few that live to tell and teach
and all my luaghter and smiles
cant really hide
the pain thats all inside you know
its like im living just to die
i fall on my knees and beg for mercy
not worthy of life like everyone
seraching for a better day
trying to get by
helping my friends the best i can
ignore whats inside
but its hard not to
the cold years have shaped me into what i am now
many will hate me
before i lay asleep
before you judge me
look at all the things you did to me
you give me mirsery?
cause i rose up from the fire
and prove life is not a trap
become strong from whats around
and you still call me weak
cause i dont belive in the dark ways?

faith in all odds
beliving me in this world
cause so far we witnessed to many dead soldiers
with there honor torn to pices
when the one say he fought for reason
when many fill up there pockets with treason
when are many still fighting
talk to the one
that feels like the world is on her shoulders
when he or she is young
and has to take care of whats left
the pices of a family
who gets welfare checks
or talk to the one
where the parents are never sadified
gets the best grades
but the pressure justs get bigger
lost and confused
when even love can be a threat
but still gets up
and smiles to what lies ahead
what about the one
who is just tryin make a life
the scarps all around him
makes mircles at dinner
for a brother whos life has been branded at birth
his own father who dispised the very existance
but still stands
puts his people before himself
we all realize that if we dont wise up
the society game
we just eaten up

so what do you believe in?
when life hits you in a way
where you fight just to make thru a hectic day
where your inner demons come
many have lost this
man to believe in yourselves
but for sure the higher power resides only to ride in truth
from the soul of a person
comes true strenth

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