I know I 've been blowing off some people this week and the excuse mybe lame to some but it's very true.

I just recieved word on the 18 of this month that my grandfather (from my father's side) had recently just gotten out of the hospital. eek But only that, he also have a cystalist in his liver and problems with both his heart and lungs. emo He's already 90 years old and been only one of the closest member (on my dad's side) to like me. gonk sad

And to make matters worse, the my parents and siblings are crossing bolts stressed (you know the looks you seen on tv when two characters look at the other and you see that dangerous lightning spark shooting at each other? sweatdrop ) and it's been dampering my holiday spirit this month so please forgive me if I made you guys feel like I don't like you guys on Gaia. crying I really do and I'm so Sorry! cry sad

Hope you guys can forgive me this month,