I have experienced a lot of weird coincidence in the passed few weeks so I'm gonna record the ones i remember here..

I few weeks ago i was thinking of two random things.. The Ketchup Song and Train Spotting... The day after i thought if those two things, my friend mentioned them both to me the same day with 5 minutes of each other...

I had a really bad headache a while ago and my computer went all weird and the internet froze and on the page i was loading at the time (google), the page name went weird and changed (i didn't touch anything) and it went blank and then www.g...ache.(some random number) came up... ACHE!!!

I was going to send me friend the lyrics to a song, didn't tell her, i would just decide to, and as i was about to copy and paste them... she sent them to me! eek

Another one!! I was just about to talk about Twilight to two people and just as i was bout to say it... they mention it and answer the question a had for them in my head!!!... I really am becoming paranoid!!

I wanted pancakes for breakfast... i clicked the daily chances... i got pancakes! O_O

I thought of the Fire Alarm in school a few months ago when I was coming out of computers.... I didn't meant it to anyone, I just thought it hadn't gone off it ages (it was pulled nearly every week last year)... then last class...... the fire alarm rings!!! Put not properly, which is the scary thing.... There was some glitch in the fire alarm system... no one pulled it or anything... it just went off with no explanation...

Every time i think of someone in the back of my mind in school.... I see them... eek

That's all i can remember for now I'll add more later.. Watch this space!

I might be looking too deeply into this... just a tad.. stressed