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Anime Chat anime tat have problems while talking who falls in love with each other n etc.....

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Chatting Blog

*BlackBunny has signed in*

*SexyKitty has signed in*

SexyKitty: Yo! What's up?! ^ o ^

BlackBunny: ......

SexyKitty: uh?.... What happened to you?

BlackBunny: hmm.. I was just thinking about her... you know.....

BlackBunny: I love her more than the air I breath....

SexyKitty: oh I see well I'm always here for you.

BlackBunny: I....

BlackBunny: ..... knew it

SexyKitty: what's wrong?!

BlackBunny: I like her so much.

SexyKitty: talk to her.....

BlackBunny: I don't know..... she won't ever like me....

SexyKitty: don't say that. You're amazing!!

BlackBunny: I just want her to know how I fell.

SexyKitty: Then tell her.

BlackBunny: She won't like me.

SexyKitty: how do you know that?!

BlackBunny: I can just tell by her expression.

SexyKitty: Well just ell her.

BlackBunny: What should I say?

SexyKitty: Tell her how much you like her.

BlackBunny: I tell her that daily.

SexyKitty: what do you mean?

BlackBunny: I'm always with her. And......


SexyKitty: I know how you fell. I have the same problem.

BlackBunny: Wait. Who do you like?

SexyKitty: Oh some boy.. But he'll never like me.

BlackBunny sad Who is she(Chik)) I'm sure he'll love you...

SexyKitty: naa.. he won't like me.

BlackBunny: Oh... she won't like me either.

SexyKitty: She Does!!!!!

BlackBunny: how do you know?

SexyKitty: Because who wouldn't like you ?!!

BlackBunny: You....?(Is she?)

SexyKitty: You're wrong!!!! I LOVE YOU!!

BlackBunny: I love you too.

SexyKitty: So are you going to talk to her?

BlackBunny: I just did.

SexyKitty: ...........




BlackBunny: ... You are the one...

BlackBunny: .. who I love.

*BlackBunny has signed out*

*SexyKitty Has signed out*

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