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hi, i'm sammiiii-san! i love to draw,things like manga and anime! i also love the japenese manga films. either in japenese with english sub or in english! they're just cool! in my journal i will write about japense manga and anime films/series!
hi,today i watched porco rosso, a japenese manga film!
it was about this man that magically turned into a talking walking pig!
he drove a plane and it was red.
he saved hostaged from bad guys and made them give him money from their robbery.
he was paid ofcourse for doing his job by saving people.
he was in the newspapers and evrything because he was famous for
saving people.
he was in a fight with these other bad guys.
he didnt want to fight so he thought he would take a vacation.
he got shot down after being followed by athe bad guy.
he got to his home town in italy and got his plane rebuilt, suprisingly designed and fixed up all only by woman!
he flew back to the place he was first at and was made to fight the bad guy!
he won the battle after being shot off his new plane in to the water where they fought untill he won.
then the bad guys and him (the pig) became friends!
that was ofcourse not all the story/film, but i described it so ty for reading!

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  • [12/31/08 09:55pm]

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    Mon Feb 16, 2009 @ 08:27pm

    okies, i watched another!
    well, its called the cat return.
    its bout this gurl tht saves this cat.
    she does nt realize tht the cat is like a human and in his dimension kinda hang is really a prince and lives in a kingdom!
    she is then forced to go to the cat land to marry the prince.
    she gets forced to go, she sad with this is really sad and crys alot and yeh well, the prince omes and says: i didnt order this, my father the king did!
    she was like huh omg!
    she got taken bk home and well it ended.
    not totally correct hey cause i'm describing quick quick u knows!
    well, another 1 comin up soon and ty if u red this!
    xx heart

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