I am Teddybearm98. Sister of nine_tailed_luver, and teddybearmfd98. Sister-in-law of nine tailed tailed fox luver. Daughter of HellsOnlyAngel1995. (Adopted) Mother of pretty_tatianna, art0205, babbyteddy98,n sweetswagga98. And at my driver test I got Grade A+! Just like on all of my homework exept on one page I got a B+. Crap worst grade in my grade record. I hate life! Not because of my family members cause trust me I love them! But I mean a B+ thats suckish!! But I do have a sense of humor love animals I will eat anything besides oninons,peppers,and mushrooms. You can tell I am a nerd but I am popular too. So I guess I'm in the middle. My favorite movies are Merlin Part One and Two ,Castel in The Sky(even though its a cartoon its a good movie!)and Ghostbusters.Btw here is n avi i made 4 tati User Image
Total Value: 26,829 Gold
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Romance Pendant
Red Heart Hairpin
RED RAGE! Bottled Cooler
Audrey's Black Ankle Strap Heels
Hot Basic Skirt
Crossed Sports Bra