who would know that the world was so out o' balance??
i can't believe this world once one has read so many books and played so many games you see what people are really trying to tell you really see that the government is the one who is so *&$%ed up and really why...why are we atill doing such insane and horrible things. have we not learned our lesson??? how many times is history gonna have to repeat itself before we learn that we have to stop our evil idiot ideas. who here knows why we keep haveing new strains of viruses and why we keep haveing wars and why 9/11 happened?? none know why. we are just stupid civilians who follow orders and are being trianed to be soldiers and not to retailliate agianst our true enemy. why do such things happen??poepl are being killed and we are going into a depression again and its becuase all of our money is going into weapons and new diseases that the goernment makes and more and more people die every day beacuase of the government. peole are needdlessly dieng becuase we are to afriad to find the truth because no one wants to know what will happen if such things and live faerful life becuase of wat they know. how many have seen V foe vendetta???
then take that and compare it to the real world do you see wats really happening? are we really just gonna stand here and let the world continue as it is?? why are we doing this?? i will post agian i have run out of energy and i need to take a brath and i need to cool my head. but really think about what is going on and wat will happen if it does happen. let me know by private message wat u think. neutral