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The Majique Ball, Part I
Kinrea tapped her lap nervously when she sat in a chair towards the back corner of the room. She'd never done this kind of thing before, let alone wear such frilly clothing. This was the first time she had worn a dress in a very long while.

Kinrea was indeed in a large room, much larger than her own home. Her home was petite, made to suit one or two inhabitants. This grand room seemed fit to hold well over hundreds of people, making Kinrea feel much, much smaller. The floor was made of a creme-colored marble, matching the creme-colored walls and golden-splashed curtains and trimming. The two enormous crystal and glass chandeliers above her seemed both delicate and threatening, dangling high with no more than a mere cable and metal supporting it. Looking up at it made Kinrea dizzy and even more nervous.

She looked around the room skeptically, quickly realizing that no one she knew was currently present on the dance floor nor in the dining area. The whole reason she came eluded her still. What in God's name would posess her to suddenly, after so long of being solitary in her own little world, break out in this manner? Perhaps it was the boring daily routine that was her life, or Jinjin's mannerisms. Jinjin loved parties, but had a particular fondness for the Annual Majique Ball. She had always made it sound so profound, so unique! - well, Jinjin had a talent to make anything sound grand.

Kinrea sighed softly and walked impatiently to the ladies' restroom. The restroom itself was the size of two living rooms, just as brilliant as the main ball room itself. She turned to face a large mirror on the wall and found a stunningly beautiful young woman wearing a glistening and glittering creme-dress gazing right back at her. Her face seemed almost painted with a slight glow, her almost-black brown hair pulled back in a tight ponytail with her curls falling behind her head. At first Kinrea was baffled at the sight, then grew disturbed that she was looking into her own face and had not realized it for several minutes. After playing with her hair for a while, a woman who looked no older than twenty-four walked in and smiled at her.

"There you are," the woman said with relief in her voice. "I've been looking for you!" She grabbed Kinrea's arm and tugged her through the door and back into the ball room.

"Jinjin, I-I don't know, " Kinrea stammered nervously. Jinjin was headed for the dance floor, and she didn't like that idea much at all. "I-I'm not up for this quite yet."

"Oh come on, Kin," Jinjin pleaded, "You haven't been out like this in forever!"

"And that's precisely why I DON'T want to dance yet!" Kinrea halted and tugged herself in the direction away from the dance floor. Jinjin let go of her arm and twirled singing, "Fine, suit yourself!" She vanished into the army of dancers.

Kinrea stood looking into the sea of people, wondering if Jinjin could dance just as gracefully as everyone else. She had never really seen Jinjin dance before. She only heard stories that her sister would bring home from long days of dancing and partying. She could play any party role: beautiful and elegant, premiscuous and wild... she could do it. Nothing like Kinrea. She couldn't even believe that her reflection was her own. That's what she gets for letting her sister play dress up with her.

"Excuse me miss," a man's voice said respectfully. "You look lost. Are you alright?"

Kinrea's eyes averted from the dancing sea to a young Asian man's face looking right at hers. "Um," Kinrea fumbled, "Y-Yeah. Quite alright. Thanks," she trailed off looking away as quickly as possible. She looked down at her dress for a second and spoke softly, "Excuse me..." The man only looked at her as she raced out the ball room's main entrance.

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