There was a time when dawn and dusk made no sense, where solid food didn’t exist…
Where people were forced to live in the undergrounds as pollutantitus, roamed the upper realm.
Nothing Really matters to the people and their realm. As objects collide, and time is still void, there is but two people to bring this world anew, this is where we begin, somewhere set off in a dimension of malevolence, were mankind isn’t the rule of a world…and so now…we begin…

April 29th, 2023

“Sirus! Sirus!” shifting, the boy manages to move off and finally escape, “man, oh man! We’re gonna be in trouble!” the boy says, he lets Sirus free, out of a damp hole, “Ah… who cares, this boring old place, no one is going to care!” Sirus says rubbing his head, he opens his eyes and in front of him a small boy about 4 feet tall, and a hand larger than his body, his skin has brownish spots, it looks like he was dirty for a long time and hasn’t taken a bath he also has big lumps on it, he wore trousers and nothing more. The boy looked around cautiously, “Augh! I’m sorry!” he cried out, “don’t’ sweat it LuE’ I’ll take the blame…if they catch us!” Sirus said with a devious grin on his face, “you’re making me worry even more!” LuE yelled, “Ha ha…well c’mon lets go, before we caught…” Sirus said, LuE nodded and they both ran off into the nearby forest, the forest was dark, it felt the darkness went on forever, “You think any Polls are here?” LuE asked, “I dunno…what time is it?” Sirus said, LuE reached into his pocket and took out a small dial with a stick on it, he raised it high into the air! “hmm…it’s almost Four o’ clock” he said, “well then we’re safe for now…c’mon lets go home” Sirus responded.

“They walked for almost 15 minutes when Sirus stopped, LuE bumped into Sirus and fell on the ground…”hmm? Oh sorry…” Sirus said as he helped LuE up “why’d you stop so suddenly?” LuE asked, Sirus didn’t respond, “Luna! Luna!” Sirus yelled out, “I know your there Luna!” then there was a giggle, a girl came out of the trees, she had short red hair, but very long bangs that covered her eyes and nose. She wore a pink dress and her skin was very pale, she was the same size as Sirus too. Luna giggled “ you always seem to find me Sirus, Hello LuE. So were are you guys headed?” she said “ Hey sis, me and Sirus are about to head home…” LuE informed. Luna smiled, then Sirus sighed, “you got lost again, didn’t you Luna?” he said, “You know me very well sir…” Luna said, “Would you like to come with us?” Sirus asked, “Yes sir, I would love to come along!” she said then got right behind LuE, Sirus sighed, LuE trembled, Luna giggled…”you know the house is just over here right?” he said, Luna looked at Sirus astounded… “ Never mind” Sirus then moved on…

As they finally approached the house Sirus turned around, both were behind him, “We’re finally here!” Luna yelled out as she ran for the deck of the house. Sirus followed and LuE soon after, Luna sat on her favorite chair and started to play with her doll, so what she called Aria. “Let me get us something to drink…” LuE said and ran off inside the house. Sirus yawned and sat on the stairs, “man oh, man….heh..” he said, Luna didn’t pay attention to him “Once she was concentrated on something everything else fades away, no wonder she always gets lost…she needs to take care of her little brother, not me, I mean how old is she, 16? Tch…I’m her age and I have more responsibilities than her! I should teach her a lesson about responsibilities! And…and…um…what was I talking about again?” he thought, Sirus got sleepy he blink he open his eyes, “ A shadow? In the trees?” he mumbled, “can’t…move…to…sleepy…” he mumbled again then closed his eyes…

<Well I see your making some progress…how is it doing?>
<Fairly well test #34 isn’t a complete failure is it>


<it’s stable…>
<that’s my boy, I knew it could happen, Tell the general it was a success…this is a great accomplishment!>

“What’s happening?”
“Where are these voices coming from?”

<Soon you will be awakened into the New World, You will be happy here I’m sure of it>

“The New World?”

The New World is a new beginning, as you arrive you come to a realization of perfection!

Dazed, “hey sleepy head! Wake up!” Luna yelled as she shook Sirus, “huh? What…happened?” Sirus asked, “You feel asleep Sirus…” LuE informed, Sirus didn’t recall anything but the voices. “um…I know this will sound crazy but…was there anyone else with you?” Sirus asked them, “Nope!” Luna said then helped Sirus up, “Here drink this…” LuE handed Sirus a drink it’s contents were unknown, nonetheless safe, “Thanks…” Sirus drank without warning, “What happened to you“, LuE asked worried about him…”I don’t know, but I heard voices…talking abou-” Sirus stopped, “Never mind…It was probably a dream…” Sirus said rubbing his forehead….”yeah most likely…” LuE told him, LuE sighed then with his larger arm he put it on Sirus’ glowed a strange purple, but just for a second; “I sense your brainwaves in disarray…yes it must have been a dream” Luna told Sirus. LuE takes brainwaves with the aura and Luna receives the information…