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Going to Hell Teachers
Do you have one?
I've had a SUBSTITUTE one once, and one that wasn't even my teacher and she tortured me!
Substitute: Ok I have not remembered her name so lets call her "Ms.Jane" alright? Anyway, our class was actually unusually loud today (by the way this happen in 5th grade, I know I hold a grudge) and then she suddenly burst out, "SHUT UP!" everyone was silenced. By how loud the class was I'm not sure if anyone would of noticed if she said Shut up, but since teachers are kinda against that it made us freeze. Hard day with the b***h. Once we were putting away our chairs so the janitor can clean the room after school, I heard her say "Wow I can't stand these little brats any longer!" I gasped in horror and told everyone about it. I flipped her off behind a cubby.

Ms.Gruber: Ok I have 2 events for this woman.
1st: Ok this was the time that X-Man 3 was a HUGE craze (3rd grade), that we had groups and we got to make up a name for them and stuff, and our group and another group next to us RACED to see who could have "Team X-Man"
Our team got it. We all decided that we draw characters we think we are the most on our banner. I chose Jane, since I look like her and I flip out easily. But then I started thinking...
"Hey why don't we play X-Man at recess? In the grass area! And if want a bit more climbing we can go onto the playground!"
Everyone thought this was a GREAT idea. So it started our group to the whole class! I felt prouder then someone reseiving an Oscar...Well until Ms.Gruber stepped in.
Ok, so we were trying to recreate the scene where there was a bunch of fighting and stuff and I was killed right? Well we were taking slow motion punches, so know one got really hurt. Ms.Gruber had recess duty that day. So Wesly (guy of my dreams) Was Wolverine, and he slow motion punched me in the gut to show that I was killed. Then Ms.Gruber noticed.
"HEY STOP THAT FIGHTING!" she litterly shrieked!
"Well its just slow motion punching ... nothing bad..." I said.
There was some kids more out in the grass area playing baceball and there shoes were off by the tree.
"HEY PUT ON YOUR SHOES!" she demanded like she was so great for being able to control kids.
"Well they just wanted to be comfortable. Is that a problem?" I asked.
"IN FOR RECESS SASHA!" she yelled. I gaped at her. I turned to my X-Man group to see how they reacted. They all looked depressed. I sighed. As I left I heard someone whistling that song that is used on the day we remember all the men and women that died in the war.
2nd: Ok this one I gotta make sure I don't type out a bunch of swears for.
I am in pickup.
4th grade.
Now at school (well my USED to be school) They have 3 lines for pickup
1st-3rd grade pickup
4th and 5th grade pickup
And bikers and walkers.
Now my friend Lily was in 1st grade and my friend Grace was in 3rd grade. I was the oldest of them. Lily was really upset and I wanted to comfort her, but we had to leave and guess who was controlling the lines that week? You guessed it, Ms.Gruber.
Now as I walked a kid named Mason (now I don't hate him as much cause at 5th grade he finally left me alone) yelled "HEY SHES IN THE WRONG LINE SHES SUPPOSED TO BE IN THIS LINE!"
Ms.Gruber pointed to the line I was supposed to be in. I gaped at her and Mason and got in line.
Later, on the basketball court, Grace and Lily were only 20 feet from me, but conviently Mason was in the middle. I ran forward and infront of Mason. "HEY YOU BUDGED YOU BUDGER!" he yelled. Mason ran infront of me and whispered Crybaby 5 times fast. (I must admit I was a crybaby from 1st-3rd grade) and then Ms.Gruber walked up to me and shook her head like I was a convict or something!
"Well he just called me a crybaby!" I yelled.
"Well you budged." She replied.

I was stunned by all the teachers that I swear are doomed to Hell over the years and I still hate them. I still want to go over to Ms.Grubers house and shoot her and all the kids she maybe was a slut with and those guys she had sex with just to feel good about your fat a** decided to dump those babies onto her!
I wouldn't blame them neither.
Because shes a cold hearted son of a b***h!
*panting* I needed that.



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