Recently I have been thinking about what the hell I'm going to do with my life. So far I've just breezed through without a care in the world. Suddenly I felt the inspiration to write a bucket list. (A list of things I want to accomplish before I die)

So here it goes.

Skyler's bucket list

1 ) I want my drawing skills to improve ten fold so I can create my very own web comic.
2 )I want others to actually enjoy the comic.
3 )In at least one point in my life I want to weigh less than 160 pounds.
4 )I want to go into college studying 'Culinary Arts'
5 )I want to graduate college with at least a masters in 'Culinary Arts'
6 )I want to go to Anthrocon at least once in my lifetime.
7 )I want to stop holding as many grudges as I do. I also want fully and completely forgive everyone I have ever had a grudge on.
8 )I want to become an accomplished drummer.
9 )I want my parents to be proud of who I am.
10 )I want to accomplish everything on this list.

I will probably add more as I age and experience new things, but for now wish me luck 3nodding