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Ok so hey...I'm not in the mood to put the whole thingy in...Sorry for the, what...2 1/2 people who even care about my journal...whatever sweatdrop So anyway...On with my life (yay)

Sorry if I don't seem enthusiastic. just really tired at the moment crying

OK, so, Jambor, my brother, left for Astro Camp yesterday. The quiet is fine. Wonderful. Just no one to talk to so that's one downside...Oh well. He'll be back by wednesday afternoon or wednesday night...Can't remember. My friend (she doesn't have gaia...yet) is letting me borrow a manga she has called Pixie Pop. She told me about it a while ago and I was bored so I decided, "What was that weird drink manga [she] was talking about..." So i texted her, and she asked if i wanted to borrow them. I was originally gunna read on onemanga (If they had it) but I decided, "Meh, what the hell why not?" though I didn't use those exact words. What I said was more along the lines of, "Sure. It seems...interesting to say the least." i think those are my exact words actually...Don't remember. And I cleared my inbox and outbox so I can't check. So far it's cute. a little creepy...but very cute, regardless. My friend (the same one) is currently borrowing...Psychic Academy 2 (I don't have 1. Amazon messed up), King of Hell 1, and King of Bandits 1. She finished Sgt. Frog 1 a week ago..last tuesday or wednesday I think

Edit: OOH OOH OOH! I JUST REMEMBERED! I had a funky-a** dream last night! You'll never beleive it! Ok, so in my dream, I was at a zoo or something, and there was a monkey. I started to pet the monkey, and it did nothing. then it suddendly bit my arm! In the dream I geuss it hurt like hell...dunno I couldn't feel anything, but my dream self felt pain, so i slapped the monkey (It's always been a dream of mine to slap a monkey...now it literally is ha-ha) and it let go.

If anyone is studying psychology, please tell me what this means? one of my friends says that it's a premonition of the future, and that scares the s**t out of me!

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