Today a beautiful little girl came into this world, but all to soon she had to leave.

It is a full moon tonight, but full ecause the heavens recieve unto them a beautiful soul and spirit. I miss her so much, I miss playing with her and smiling at her adorable antics, and it seems that life will go on without her. she is buried now, and I find that burrying anyone is one of the most painful experiences. She laid next to me and watched me dig her grave, soundless..quiet. My face was hot and wettened by tears, because she had no chance to live. It killed me to dig that grave today, but she is not trash, and I would not let her be bagged and thrown away as if she was. I gave her soul a chance to return to the heavens, where she was called back to.

It is times like this that i wish i knew a god. so i could pray for her.

I am glad to think, though, that if there is one, he must love everyone. Hell doesnt exist because god loves everyone, especially this gorgeous little girl, the sweet little Angel, returning home. crying