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hope you like wat i realy feel =/
poems about how i feel about love nd about loneliness
Every song is sung about you,
Even the ones we've never heard before too.
Each movie I watch shows what we used to be,
Everything I see, hear, feel is screaming your name at me.
Orange juice is thirsty for your lips,
It wants to taste you again even if it's just a few sips.
Magic stars are waiting for your one of a kind smile,
To see you pull the faces I've not seen in a while.
Ice cream is melting to be licked from your skin,
Sweet and sticky it's you it wants to win.
The moon glows through my window,
Wanting to shine upon your beautiful face resting on my pillow.
When the sun rises it's you it wants to trace,
Soaking in the amazingness from your rightful place.
Stars twinkle as night appears again trying to shine brightest in the skies.
Trying ever so hard to match the ones you hold within your eyes.
Oceans grasp for reflections of light,
But they can't match the shade of blue you hold tight.
"I can be your hero" plays softly in the distance,
But it's not the right sound, your sweet voice is not in existence.
Shania Twain can't even sing it right like before,
Forever And For Always waiting for you to believe once more.
Are you hoping, dreaming, can you even see?
You really are everywhere to me.

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