Hey, every day for me is a bad joke day

I remove my clothes before getting in the shower, I'm anomalous like that

it happens

s**t hppens

one thing lead to another

i dont know who did it but i aint sticking around to get the blame

"That is the sweetest thing any guy has ever said to me!” -
-"which, in retrospect, is quite sad"

No one asked you, Sir/Mam Buzz McKillington

I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness

it just me, or does anyone else hear a funky disco beat

“I miss the you-not-talking; can we continue the you-not-talking

" figure if I stay on the floor, it won’t be as painful"
“Okay, I was wrong.”

“You’re sweet"-
"You’re a liar, but you’re sweet.”