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She was taken from her bed in the middle of her nap only her father’s teenaged bride was at home at the time. She was quoted for by saying ‘I don’t know how this could’ve happened! She was just unusually quiet and when I went in to check on her she had vanished!’

Click! I heard my father turn off the TV. “That is the second girl in a matter of three weeks.” He told my mother. When I slid out of bed and went downstairs, I found my father reading the morning paper. “Good morning Issy.” My mother told me. As I got ready for school, I listened to my father rant about the missing girl. “I’m telling you Ashley if this girl Haleigh is not found…” He nagged. Of course during school everyone had to bring up the Haleigh case. “Didn’t you hear?” I heard in dramatic whispers around me all day long. I was happy when the dismissal bell rang at 4’o’clock. As soon as I got home, I was suddenly tired that I fell asleep on the couch.

‘No! I trusted you! How could you do this to me?’ She cries out. She’s slammed against a couch. ‘This is for your own good!’ Another woman shrieked, I saw the other woman pick her up and threw her back down. Blood spilled everywhere.

Then like the dream she was gone. “Isabella!” I heard my mother call while in sleep. “Isabella we’re home!” This time I did not hear her. I was deeply troubled by the dream and began to toss and turn on the couch. My father got to me first shaking me and holding me when I awoke. In the week that passed, I continued to see her in my dreams. I forever haunted by her. My mother tried to make me talk my fear out to her. As the dream continued to frighten me, my father got a telephone call, from his boss telling him to fly out to Connecticut to help solve the “Haleigh” case.

‘Tell me why you are doing this to me!’She cries out. Beside her is a large envelope. The other woman replies, ‘You always got in the way with your father! Now he is all mine!’

My father tried to convince his boss to pay for two tickets since I was being dragged along with him. “Isabella! Let’s go!” My father yelled. He told me that we were both to stay at the Hampton Inn right by Haleigh’s parents’ house. “Make sure to stay out of sight.” My father warned. As I unpacked I grew tired and asked the maid to make my bed.

‘Tonight is the perfect time to get you to disappear.’ A deep masculine voice whispered. A small envelope stood on the table a small hand teetering the letter back and forth. ‘Make sure she is as far away from her home as possible.’ The masculine voice grumbled.

I awoke with a start, the hotel room stayed dark and my father was gone. The clock beside my nightstand read 4:45 a.m. A knock on the door awoke me. I opened the door while two men in uniform stood there. “Miss Isabella, we are ordered to take you to the ‘Haleigh’ house.” One of the men told me. During the car ride, I got an entire update on the ‘Haleigh’ case. I stumbled out of the car and my father led me to the parents of Haleigh. Dawn was slowly approaching. I could feel the drowning sensation deep within my stomach as a new dream continued to haunt my subconscious.

They dragged the little girl towards the lake; I could hear her whimpering the entire way as I followed, I felt death approach the little girl as she was held under there, the bubbles getting smaller and smaller.

Glancing around me dizzy from sleep, I saw a young woman crying. “She looks just like the woman in my dream.” I whispered to my father. He went over to her for questioning. I found a chair and soon was asleep again.

‘To the death of Haleigh a tragic loss for the family. They ask to be sent prayers to help them with the sudden loss. To Denise, the teenage bride, was soon arrested for the murder of Haleigh and is waiting for trial. Police are still looking for the motive as to why Denise killed her step-daughter.’

The police were finished with their job that they came over to congratulate us. Soon another child will go missing. It would be up to me to find the child.

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