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Kano's Journal Bishh!!
Chapter 10.
Chapter 10. WAKE UP!!! YOU CAN'T SLEEP NOW!!! PLEASE!!!!

Waking up Ishizu could hear a loud but low rumbling noise. The source seemed to be closer than she figured as she opened her eyes groggily to investigate.


Craning her neck she could see that Kuuske had latched his arms around her waist and was using her tush as a pillow, He snored loudly. Blinking a few times Ishizu wondered why he was there. She gave up after trying to remember for about two minutes and stood up unsteadily letting Kuuske slide off.

"Meehhnya~.." She sighed stretching, making her way to the kitchen before tripping over another figure. This woke the person up.

"MOM!!! IM GONNA GET UP IN A FEW MINUTESS!! LEA-" Yukue stopped when she saw that her mom was nowhere in sight.

"err...??" She said rubbing sleep out of her eye and looking at her fallen friend. The screaming from Yukue had waken Zonen and Katski.

"..owww" Ishizu moaned propping her head up into her hands and rubbing her forehead. This was definately not the kind of morning she was used to.

"Ishizu...??" Zonen said confused." Shouldn't you be leaving for your mission??" he asked. And the moment he did her head whipped around to see the time on the clock. It read 8:43. Ishizu was to be at the gate by 9am to leave.

"Oh...crap" She said meaning to shout it. As Ishizu shakily stood and wobbled to the bottom of the stairs realization hit Zonen.

"YOUR STILL DRUNK!!!??" He shouted, still not wakeing the way drunker Mizado and Kuuske.

"heeheehee.." Yukue chuckled for no aparent reason, she was in a good mood now that she knew her mom wasn't around.

"you too Yu??"Zonan asked in a defeated voice.This was what happened when kids drank alot.

Katski watched the scene that was unfolding infrot of him with amusement.

"naaa, im not drunk!!!" Yukue said making it obviouse that she was."heh, but we did stay up till almost 5am drinking! it was fun!!" she exclaimed.

The truth was that they had actually stayed up drinking until around 6am. At this Zonens eye twitched and he helped Ishizu up the stairs. He wouldn't let anyone find out that this was his fault... atleast not the easy way.


Zonen raced to the entrance gate after helping Ishizu get ready and getting her to drink two cups of coffe. This seemed to help if only a little bit with the issue at hand.

"Ishizu," Zonen said in such a seriouse voice. "You have to act as normal and non-drunk as possible when with the kazekage today, my good name is at stake," He said looking back at her on his back."Alright??"

Zonen nearly crashed when he saw that Ishizu had fallen asleep on his back. His eye's went wide with panick as he stopped on a roof and pulled her off his back.

"WAKE UP!!! YOU CAN'T SLEEP NOW!!! PLEASE!!!!" He shouted while shaking her waking her up. At the same time attracting curiouse stares from the street below.

"ehh.." Ishizu was now awake, but looked alittle worse than before, and still drunk. "I think im gonna puke." She said holding her hand over her mouth and slightly leaning to the right just incase.

"nonono, your fine, just take a couple of breaths and you'll be fine." Her sempai said with a bit of panick in his voice. Reasuring himself more than Ishizu.

After alittle more reasurance (for Zonen) He and Ishizu continued toward the entrance gate.

"Don't worry sempai....i...i won't ruin your reputation as a good responsible person and shinobi." Ishizu said with a slanted smile trying to reasure her Zonen. It honestly didn't help him much with the drunk voice she used and all. He sighed as they finally reached the entrance gate.

At the gate Zonen could see Kazekage-sama, Kankuro-san, and the other person that would be accompanying on the trip. Landing near them he greeted nervously.

"Kazekage-sama." He bowed and was aknowledged with a small nod from Gaara who had an expressionless face as always. "I've Brought Ishizu Yujiden, Sorry to be late but she was.... nervouse.. i must go tend to important errends now." He said letting Ishizu down, bowing to the leader of his village then fleeing.

Ishizu watched in amusement.

"eheheheh" She somewhat chuckled as she watched her Sempai run with his tail between his legs while sheilding her eye's from the sun with her left hand before turning(tworling) to her group. All eye's where on her.

"Kazekage-sama." She said bowing, souunding, for the most part, sober. "Shall we go then??" Ishizu asked with the same drunken smile she gave her sempai when he was freaking out.

After a few seconds of the kazekage's intense stare/glare, which went unoticed by Ishizu, The four started on their travel and left the gates of Sunagakura.

heh, what is this? this girl, she got chosen to go on this mission? The owner to the thoughts narrowed there eye's at Ishizu. No matter, if she tries anything with my Love-kun i'll just have to eliminate her. A grin formed on its owners face as she thought of ways to possibly have Ishizu removed from the picture.


Back at Ishizu's house a now very awake Kuuske chuckled as he and Yukue held a well sized bucket of ice over Mizado's sleeping body. It was actually all the Ice that they could find in their good friends house, and would probably get pumbled for wasting it, later.

"Oh my, this should be something good." Katski said as he watched from the other couch.

"Should beee! ha!" Yukue said still drunker than ever. " This will definately make your morning!" A wicked grin showing itself on her face.

"Make your morning?? this will make my year!" Kuuske said laughing and pulling at Mizado's shorts.

With help from Yukue they now held Mizado's shorts open.

"one." Yukue said not being able to contain herself anymore. "two!" Kuuske said laughing like a maniac. "THREE!!" They shouted together before dumping the bucket of ice into his shorts and holding him down.

There was silence for about a long five seconds before Mizado's eye's popped open in a wild panick.


Yes, this so made their year.



Ishizu stopped and turned back to the direction of her village as she listened to the sound. An earie screaming coming from the village, which they were a good distance from now.

sounds like... Mizado-kun. She thought. I think im missing something epic.



Mizado thrashed and screamed for a good three minutes. Halfway through he realized what was going on and the rest on, that came out his mouth, was cursing threats and screaming.

Finally a threat of destroying Ishizu's house freed him from being held down. Mizado hopped around shaking his shorts out with a scowl on his face as the rest were on the floor laughing there pretty little heads off.

"What the HELL was that for!??" Mizado yelled feeling super light headed. He was, just like the others, still very drunk.

And with this feeling came the feeling of crashing to the floor face first. Poor guy.

"OH CRAP!!" Yukue screamed thinking he had a heart attack and died. In fact, she had voiced her opinion and Kuuske panicked as well.

"oh MY ******** GOWD!!!! YOU KILLED HIMM!!" Screamed a frantic Kuuske, pointing to an owl eye'd Yukue.

"what the HELL?? YOUR the ONE who said 'LETS DO THIS!!!'" Yukue's high pitched voice shreiked. "you MURDERER!!!" She jabbed her finger into Kuuske's chest. who denied it for about two more seconds before believing his purple haired friend.

"I DIDN'T MEAN TO KILL HIM!!!" Kuuske cried on the floor with his tush in the air crying. He was also pounding his fist on the floor. User Image

Through all this noise, and despite the fact that he was also drunk, Katski had slid off the couch and over to Mizado's supposed dead body. Flipping the boy over snores reached his ears, Mizado was infact, sleeping.

"OI!! BAKA'S!! HE'S JUST SLEEPING!!" Katski yelled over their shreiks and cries. This silenced them both as they scrambled over to their friend and sempai's boyfriend.

At the sight of his best friend being alright Kuuske then proceeded to pass out himself. Yukue put her hand to her chest and let out a relieved sigh.

"that.was.scary." she said before heading into the kitchen for coffe.

Katski shook his head at their stupidity and made his way back to the preciouse couch to wait for his man to return.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"dijobu!?" Kankuro asked to the white haired girl who'd tripped and falling in the sand. she showed no signs of getting up.

hm, should i... should i just stay here and take a quick nap...?? i really reallly want to. Ishizu contemplated as she layed there. nah, this is an important mission, i should.. get up... yeah. Looking up she noticed the hand of the kazakage' brother outstretched to her. She took it.

"m, dijobu, gomen ne, kankuro-san."(yeah, im alright, sorry, kankuro-san) She said while dusting herself off. "Domo." (thankyou)

The kazekage had not stopped when she fell, and neither did the other girl, to ishizu's releif, she got embarrest easily sometimes.

Aw! she's so cute~!! Thought a giddy Kankuro. But the other one is cute too~!! ooh~ my lucky day!! He thought as they cought up with the other two.

Ecci was a seriouse looking person, she, unlike kankuro, kept a small frown on her face since the beginning of the mission. She had hair that was just past her shoulders, it was pitch black. She wore clothes that where a bit flashy, but where good for missions none the less.

I wonder where she got that top. Thought ishizu as she inspected her comrad.

Bloopers! Or whatever….

-Take 1-

"What the HELL was that for!??" Mizado yelled/screached feeling super light headed. He was, just like the others, still very drunk.

"Oh, we just wanted to see if your wang could get any smaller than it already is, thats all!" Chirped Yukue, smiling widely.

"heh, and aparently, it can." Laughed out Katski, grinning madly.

"And this is soooo going on my myspace and youtube~!!" Kuuske howled, holding a video camera.

At this, Kuuske, Yukue, Katski, and the narrator proceeded to play hot potatoe with the video camera as Mizado wildly tried to get it from them. Little did he know, the camera guy was already uploading the video onto youtube.

Poor poor Mizado and his tiny wang.

-Take 2-

"that.was.scary." Yukue said before heading into the kitchen for coffe. Shattering glass could be heard moments later. Along with some shouts along the lines of 'AHH!! THAT s**t WAS ******** HOT~!! COFFE'S A b***h~ ON WHEELS!!'

Katski shook his head at their stupidity and made his way back to the preciouse couch to wait for his man to return. He was not expecting what would happen next.

Kuuske basically stood up out of his sleep, stripped his clothes off, and started to dance and sing to 'I feel for you' by Chaka Chan (which the narrator doesn't own) ;3
Katski clapped after the performance.

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