Good people that have donated to me in past DTTPAY, or even whenever I can go there.
I forget who this wonderful person's name is, but I remember you.
They gave Gothic Veil, and Oculus Mythica.
Above 2500 G---XixlovexrockX 3k
captxjackxrawr Roofus Cosplay and 2500 g
BagelNoms 5k
STFU Becca September Birthstone Crown and Studded Leather Collar in tradeback~ heart
XxL0V3_LUBB_S3XYxX- 3500g and 2500g
iiBendii Strawzz 4682 g and said I must be her soulmate and she adores Hollywood Undead! <3
Forkiie 3000g and Eloquent Lute worth 8k
[Misery] Gift of the Goddess worth 30k+ OMFG HEART ATTACK
XxAsuka_SamaxX tons of quest items and Pixie Wings!