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How to be a Successful Gaian, and how to earn gold my way.

ii Ryan-san ii
Community Member
As everyone else, "I was a newbie". Every else was, so don't feel down if someone insults you of being one. I enjoyed Gaia and loved Gaia like everyone else, so I want you to enjoy it as well.


How to be a successful Gaian:

I. My Marketing Strategy:

My moto: Play it right, Do it right, Buy it right, Sell High. Get rich

1. You need to start of with at least 2,000 to 4,000 gold. Yes, as much as possible squeeze out every drop of gold in your account everyday.

2. If you now have the money try playing cards, but first you need to learn how. (*try learning how to play first, you get some free tokens by the time you start playing Gaia. Try learning how to play cards with those starter tokens first. I'm sure by the time the starter tokens you had ran out, you should have learned playing it.*)

3. If you now know how to play card, now you can buy tokens (* be sure only to buy half the amount of gold you have : for example you have 6,000 gold you only get to buy 3,000 tickets*)

4. Play cards, until your tokens run out. (*Remember to use your head while playing cards, every bet counts*)

5. So you run out of tokens *finally 3nodding * now you get to sell them. You must now sell your tickets double the amount of tickets you have. For example: 5,000 tickets, you get to sell it for 10,000 gold.(*I suggest you to sell your tickets in 500's
so its easy to sell them.ex: 500 tokens is to 1,000 gold*).

6. If you sold you tickets. repeat steps 3 to 6 until you reach 30,000 or 50,000.

7. If you get into that high amount start playing the marketplace, buy low sell high,
don't just buy any low item, observe if the the item you wish to buy is popular and easy to sell.

*Tips :

1. Be the lowest seller in a particular item.
2. Be careful in playing the marketplace.
3. Be patient.
4. Keep your cool 3nodding , don' go berserk on things.


II. Booty Grab Mania!!!!

1. This strategy of mine is advisable to people with fast internet and allot of patience.

2. You can only see and play booty grab at forums. You'll see them on peoples signatures when they post something in the forums.

3. Not all people have their aquariums on their signatures, so it is advisable to look for a certain thread that concentrates on playing booty grab.

4. If played right again and again. You could earn in thousands or maybe more.

*Tips :

1. Have allot of patience, I say again " ALLOT!!!"


III. Multi-tasking (Having Mule accounts)

1. Having 1 to 2 mule accounts is advisable. (*Think that your mule accounts are your slaves.*)

2. The Mule accounts, now get to give you the things they earned like their daily chances or overseer prizes. (*You get to trade the mule account's stuff to your main account*)


1. This Mule account strategy of mine, is only advisable to those who really need gold badly (*desperate*).

2. Having more than 5 mule accounts..... you got to be kidding me right sweatdrop
how could you remember all those passwords.


IV. Tips from other Users

1. Captain_Ryan - You could try going for bargains in the Exchange forum. Some people go below the LBP (Lowest Buy Price) and some are willing to make a bargain. Then if you get a bargain there, you could sell it for higher in the MP.

~~~~~~~~~~SAVING TIPS:~~~~~~~~~~

1. Don't spend your gold recklessly.

2. Concentrate on saving gold first before. (*Which means don't buy anything for your house. House items depletes your gold to much*)

3. You can save tons of gold, if you buy items from the market place than in the shops. (*Be sure to check, which sells lower. The one from the shops or the one from the marketplace*)


~There's bound to be more gold saving strategies out there, and here's mine. If you do become a successful Gaian, please make a journal like mine, and share your part of the story biggrin ~

p.s. Feel free to ask me anything about my topic biggrin


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86 My Life
Community Member

Mon May 25, 2009 @ 12:18pm

*shakes head slightly* Lol


Community Member

Tue Jun 09, 2009 @ 09:33pm


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