Yesh My first page 8D
And the firstsong will be.... Body Breakdown with Dragonforce

Silent screams and shattered dreams of what we left at seventeen
Still lost within the misery and pain that lies inside
Here, alone the fight to breathe, still searching for the truth to be
Blackened by the burning fire held deep inside my mind
Far beyond the lost horizon, standing on the shore
Across the seas their hearts will bleed this life we're waiting for
Taste the steel, in pain you kneel, for glory we defend
Our fallen souls will rise to fight again

Stay here with me, this night we'll be together
Future in our hearts we'll fight with freedom drawing near
Stand here with me for we will live forever
Tonight, we'll stand and face it all

Falling rain will hide the pain that lies beneath the burning flames
All hope is gone so carry on before the world will fall
Rise again to die in vain, now life can never be the same
Our own salvation drawing nearer, hear the darkness call
Skies are falling, thunder storming, stand before the world
We're banished now to barren wastelands, fight the demon horde
Riding on through blackened darkness cross the endless sands
We sail away, our victory at hand

Stay here with me, together we'll be stronger
Side by side we've conquered lands and stormed across the seas
Die here with me, we feel this pain no longer
For now, and ever we will be

In my heart, in my soul, I am out of control
Flying across the mountains and towards the distant sun
Tears evermore, we cry like before
Feel the breakdown of my body
Set me free

And I gonna try put a new lyric in my song book every fawking day 8D