Not sure what to name it, but I like it. biggrin lol I even made it so that it has a hidden meaning. Well, hidden for some people, others may understand what it means right away but my friend actually had to think about each line before she got it. Also, kinda childish, I know, just shut up and read. xp

To fly like a bird,
Allow your mind to be free,
Travel around the world,
Then rest on a tree.

Open the window,
Let your imagination soar,
Feel the wind through your hair,
Hear the whistle become a roar.

Going as fast as you can,
Pretending you're a missile,
While looking around,
The images begin to fizzle.

The feeling of a dream,
The feeling of bliss,
Even though you know,
Something is amiss.

Soon it hits you,
You crash into reality,
Not quite alive,
Yet regaining your sanity.

You stare up above,
As you lie on your back,
Your friend looking down at you,
And the tree branch that cracked.

Ok, for all those who want to bother figuring out what it means on your own, highlight this:
"Open the window", a kid climbing out of his window and trying to go onto the tree outside.
"Feel the wind through your hair, Hear the whistle become a roar.", unfortunately, he misses and ends up falling, which is why he falls faster and the wind doesn't sound like a whistle anymore.
"Not quite alive, Yet regaining your sanity." He thought he was just imaging it all, but he actually fell and wasn't dreaming.

Yea, kinda boring, I know, but hey, it's just a start. Maybe I'll make more like these. xd lol