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wh0o! Ey wh3r3 my p3opl3 4t
4h4hh4h4!! 4nywh0 pl34s3 r3ply 1f yuu c4n 1dk c4us3 1m n3w xP

Community Member
h3y wh4ts up m3 p3epsz uhmm i h0p3 you g3t wh4t 1m s4y1n y4 kn0w 4nywh0 my m0m s41d i 411nt 4l0ud t0 h4v3 4 c3ll13(cell phone) s0 th1s 1s th3 st0ry:
my s1st3r h4d 4 ph0n3 4nd p0ur3d 0r4ng3 ju1c3 0n 1t th3n g0t 4 n3w fuhk3n ph0n3 stare n3xt t1m3 sh3 w3t h3r 1p0d g0t 4 n3w on3 d3n wh3n i l0st 4 ph0n3 i c0uldnt g3t 4 n3w 0n3 4nd i l0st 4n 1p0d 4nd i c0uldnt g3t 4 n3w 0n3 isnt th4t just n0t f4ir 4t 4ll o.0 1snt my m0m tr34ting my s1sy b3tt4!!!!!!!!!!!!

value="http://www.myspaceplaylists.com/mc/mp3player_new.swf"></param> <param name="flashvars" value="tomy=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.indimusic.us%2Fext%2Fpc%2Fconfig_black.xml&mywidth=435&myheight=270&file=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.indimusic.us%2Floadplaylist.ph

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