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Random funnyness
Well I'm bored so I'm making another entry. Here's an actual funny one without the boring stuff about me (cause I know I'm boring). -.-

Me and my friends like to make fun of Itachi, Sasuke, Orochimaru, and Mori a lot. Maybe it's because they all don't have much of a personality and because Orochimaru is obviously gay. So here is some short stuff we made about Itachi. ^_^

Eating in Class

Itachi is eating a donut in the middle of class and Iruka-sensei is suspicious about him.

Sensei: Itachi! What are you eating?!
Itachi:Nothing... -.- (He tries to hide it under his desk but unsuccessfully because of how tall he is)
Sensei: Don't lie to me! I know you're eating something! mad
Itachi: I'm not eating anything! sad
Sensei: Then why is your mouth full? stare
Itachi: I don't know what your talking about... -.- (Has donut crumbs all over his face)
Sensei: You were eating a donut again, weren't you?! stressed
Itachi: Ries!! crying (Muffled because mouth was full)
Sensei: That's it mister, detention for you! scream

After Class at the Forrest of Death

Itachi: Nooooooooeees!!! Not the Forrest of Death!!! crying
Sensei: Well you shouldn't have eaten that donut in class! mad
Itachi: But I was hungry!!!! I didn't get to have breakfast!!!! gonk
Sensei: Well you should of eaten breakfast!! Now stop complaining!! stressed (Closes gate and leaves Itachi alone)
Itachi: I hate this place! Orochimaru practically lives here! sad
Unknown: Hello Itachi...
Itachi: Gah!! Get back Orochimaru, I have Garneir!! scream (inside joke)
Itachi's GF: Hey Itachi! heart
Itachi: Oh, hey babe. Sorry, thought you were somebody else. smile
GF: Yeah, you thought I was that Orochimaru person again.
Itachi: Uh, Yeah... stare (looks around the premises)
GF: Itachi, listen, I don't think it's working out... sweatdrop
Itachi: WHA?! But why?! gonk
GF: Can you tell me who that person is?
Itachi:Um, Nobody. It's just some guy... stare
GF: See, that's what worries me. It's a guy. So maybe we should go our separate ways... sweatdrop
Itachi: NOOOOOOEEES!!!! (censored) Donut you Orochimaru!!!! Donut it!!! That son of a Donut!! TT.TT
Unknown: Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! twisted (in a gay lisp)

Yay! If you liked it tell me (though probably nobody will read this...) mata ne! ;p

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