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Summer Homework, Summer Fun, and Summer Move?
This has to be one of the most craziest summers I have had. I have TWO books to read for my AP US History Class. O_O And Im still on page one of the book and there are 20 questions to answer. Almost every question has a part B or C too it. >.> So its WAAAYY more than 20 questions. For the other book I have to summarize each chapter in a 3/4 of a page. It doesnt sound that bad. And I have to take notes too. So yeah....I think I can handle that. But then again, I dont know. I havent even started that one yet.

Aww, Summer Fun. Hanging out with friends. Staying out late. And meeting hobos. Great stuff. But for me, Im going to lack this fun. Since Im so damn busy. >.> The only awesome fantastic thing I did this summer was see VIKKI! She spent the weekend and we had an epic time. (HE LIVES IN YOU...)Anyway, But I want to have more fun like that with other friends too. But there is just NO time for it. And it SUCKS! By the time everything settles it will be time for school to start. >.> Watch and see.

Moving. Now this is a move that is very exciting. Wanna know why? Because i FINALLY get my own room. After 11 years in waiting! I can not wait. But before I get the room there comes one thing. Packing. And dont forget. Cleaning. The packing i can handle, I find it rather exiting. But Cleaning? God knows that is going to be hell. I mean my garage is just...O_O And I'm the oldest, so I know I will be helping my dad.(Note: I have no upper Arm strength whatsoever.) I look at this way, the drive to the new house is only 10 minutes away. So Its an easy move. We just have a lot of Junk that needs to b e thrown away. And burned. O_o

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