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Drama doesn't F O L L O W me...

...It rides on my back

Terra - Ruth - Pye

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Appearance: [x]

Job before receiving invite: Collage Student/Daycare

Power: She can copy her own DNA to create creatures that always differ in appearance. The melt back into her body when their task is finished.

Personality: Terra tends to keep to herself, even if her little creatures don't. She tries to stay out of drama and trouble, but normally it comes to her. The fact that little fuzzy creatures pop out of her doesn't help that matter in the least. Thought she's more on the antisocial side, she'll at least try to politely try to tell you to not bother her, though her patience is far from endless.

History: Terra had grown up an only child, so when a hard month in Terra's senior year put her through Hell, she had no siblings to talk to. Since all the trouble counted all her friends getting all pissed at her over a stupid guy, she didn't have them to talk to, either. Who else was she supposed to talk to? Her parents?

It was shortly after that she notices an odd bump protruding from her hip. She thought it was a bump, like a goose egg bump, even though she couldn't recall for the life of her what she bumped it on. She didn't think about it too much until the swelling increased instead of going down - did she have a tumor?

Only then did she talk to her parents about it, but when she went to show them, it had eyes. Thinking herself insane, she screamed and locked herself in her room for two days straight - thank goodness it was the weekend. Sunday morning she woke to find it gone. But the relief turned suddenly to fear when she saw her bedsheets move and she leaped out of the bed, ripping off the covers to reveal a small creature no larger than a rat. But it wasn't a rat and most definitely wasn't a creature she'd ever seen before. She screamed first out of just plain fright, then screamed at it to make it go away. Instead of it running off in fright, it just stared up at her, until finally it charged at her, leaped into the air right at her and-

She had closed her eyes, but she felt it land on her. She stared down at it in horror as it melted back into her skin. Her parents burst in, asking what was wrong. Was she going to tell them that the tumor that she thought that she had was actually some freaky creature that had just burrowed back into her skin moments before? No. She claimed it was a bad dream and got them out of her hair.

It didn't happen until the summer when she had her own apartment with a roommate. Terra was stressing about the mess her roommate had made when she was supposed to be having guests over that night. But she was exhausted from staying up the previous night, so she took a nap instead of cleaning. When she awoke a couple of hours later, she found the place clean and a little creature the size of a cat standing on its rear legs struggling with a Swiffer mop to clean the kitchen floor. When it noticed her awake, it wandered calmly over to her and leaped casually onto the couch and melted into her leg, just as her roommate came in. When the girl commented on the clean place, Terra knew something odd was going on.

When Terra had gotten a job at a daycare it happened more frequently. A child would be crying and one of her little creatures would just pop out of her and play with it for a few minutes before wandering back. She had no idea what it meant, but the last thing she would ever do was tell someone. She couldn't control them and was caught several times with the strange creatures and yet always played it off like they were nothing.

School wasn't a problem, either. She'd stress about an assignment she had to do and come back from a couple of hours of studying to find it done on her desk in just they way she would've written it and a small creature gnawing on a pencil or something.

Other: Terra enjoys drawing and sketches a lot of the creatures that her body creates.

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Community Member

Sun Jun 28, 2009 @ 09:26pm

User Image
Name: Fia Ray Rose

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Appearance: Black hair, brown eyes, stands 5’8”

Job before receiving invite: Collage Student

Power: Explodes on contact

Personality: Cool and collected until wronged. Grudge holder. Prankster. Uses much sarcasm.

History: Subject grew up in a family of five: two parents, one brother one year older and one sister five years younger. Rather popular until high school when she started showing unexplained symptoms that are thought to be a result from the treatment. First started showing signs at fifteen: Caught in a rainstorm. The rain boiled as they hit her. Subject arrived at her destination fifteen minutes later completely dry. Symptoms intensified slowly. Got into a fight at school and punched student. Subject's fist exploded on contact and sent the student to the hospital. Family relocated for concealment purposes. No more recorded accidents. Subject received the summons letter which was responded to somewhat reluctantly.


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