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bad day or good day whatever

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Are we original?
When we are babies we copy and learn to be like the people around us. So can we really say we are individuals? Are we really original or a butch of copy cats? We have a piece of everyone who imprinted or brain, taught us something, said things that hurt or us or lift us. We speak the languages that others teach. We sing the songs that others wrote. These people are like our ingredients to our personalities that are the cake. Are we really predictable? There are people who make a living on knowing what someone is going to do before it happens. Are we cheap copies of others who we admire? Can our choices and thoughts actually predict before we make them? Are we really that robotic? We are told what to wear, think, and eat by the media. When a culture thinks something is weird they treat people differently for doing them. There are those who strive to be different but they conform and start a mob of zombies that conform to be different. We all have questions, thoughts that some one else has thought before you. Bottom line we are different in tiny ways. The things we think are small can really be big. We all get forgotten some time after we are dead and gone. We can do things that inspire and intrigue. The main thing about being different is you can break away from the mistakes and things that drag people down. Live for today tomorrow and learn from the past.

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Fri Jun 26, 2009 @ 05:14am

Awesome 3nodding
And maybe we should stop watching the media. o.0 All they do is tell us we're fat and need to go on diets or take pills and blah blah blah Or they do a depression commercial all the time until we're convinced we must be depressed. All they want is money. Money money money. Together we need to prove to them that we don't need their pills to be the best we can be. 4laugh We can be individuals but I agree that we obviously can't be perfect individuals because we do have to learn from others but eventually we can follow our own heart and do something we wanted to do. heart And I love the last sentence. 3nodding

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Fri Jul 03, 2009 @ 03:36am

i agree 3nodding

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