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E's blog
Get ready for some negativity!! *thumbs up.*
So, I was checking my account on gaiaonline.com and I noticed that a good friend of mine had posted that he was leaving gaia forever. He's in a slump because people won't talk to him. That just pisses me off. Honestly, if you want someone to talk to you, you're the one who has to talk first. Don't just sit around staring at the computer screen, waiting for someone to comment you or pm you or sent a note or whatever, get out there and talk.

Ex: B- crushes. You want your crush to notice you or date you. You hang out with a bunch of their friends and them and just stare at the person the entire time, waiting for them to talk to you directly. They don't, so you get all depressed and sit in your room eating icecream and crying because they don't like you/won't say that they like you/won't talk to you. That life-style is stupid and anyone who suffers from it should get serious help. I'm rather shy aswell, when it comes to crushes, but I tell myself that the conversation that I can have with them is better than staring at their beautiful face all day. I go up and talk to them. What you can do is just walk up and say "hi" and, if you're on a roll, you can try and strike up a conversation! biggrin

Ex: C- idiotic quitters. I know this guy on gaia, Ryu, and he has got one of the WORST possible social illness... he's a quitter. Yes, it's good to quit somethings, like smoking and drugs and s**t, but quitting your dreams is unforgivable. The dude sends me a note telling me that he needs help with getting an item for his dream avatar, he was just one item away. The item, by luck, if you care to call it that, was an item that I was borrowing from another friend of mine. I tell him that no, I have no way to help him, because the item isn't mine. Later, he sends me another message, about a day later, saying that he had given up on his dream avatar because noone would help him. I reply saying that that's too bad. Now, being the awesome avatar creator that I am, decided to put the item to good use, and use it on my avatar. Good idea? Nope. He sends me a note, saying "guess what. u have the Infernal Spirit i need U R SO LUCKY!!!" then he added a stupid animated crying face. It's like "Stop feeling sorry for yourself and do something about it." Honestly, I dislike people like that.

Ex: D- street bitches who hit their little girl and almost make her fall over. Mum and I were driving to the library to return books, which is a fail story ment for another time, and we're sitting at the red light. This cute little girl and, who I'd assume to be her little brother, mother, and mother's friend, were walking down the Incline Station sidewalk. The little girl, being cute and how little kids are, climbed up on this retainer wall (brickish wall thing) and walked to the end of it. The poor dear couldn't get down when she got to the end, which was significantly higher up than when she started, so her mother helped her down. The girl had latched onto the mother's jacket-sleeve, so that she wouldn't fall, and accidentally pulled her jacket off a bit. After the mother adjusted her jacked, she hit the little girl upside the head, almost making her fall, face first, on to the cement walk and the mother's friend started laughing. Under no circumstance should you hit your child, no exceptions. This little girl was about four, five? The poor thing looked so dejected and unloved when they crossed the street, she distanced herself from her abusive b***h of a mother. Mum wanted to get out and punch the mother, but decided against it.


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    docter melody
    Community Member

    Thu Jul 30, 2009 @ 12:15am

    Um... Why do you do this, I mean why dont you like surprised

    Ms Jezebel Spirit
    Community Member

    Tue Sep 22, 2009 @ 08:27am

    I love you.
    Also, I agree with you on all these points.

    User Comments: [2]
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