Hi Hi! heart
I'm gonna start writing in this! Let's see if I can commit to it enough... Haha lets get started!
Do you like the header? I made it myself xd Omg I loooooove reading manga!!! whee Sometime I might make a list of all the manga I ever read! I wonder if it'll be over 30 ninja Haha! The most weird thing happened a few minutes ago. I was lying down on my bed, and I have one of those weird princess net things over it. One problem: Bugs love going on it. I mean, come on! It has all those holes, that are like, perfect for their little legs. It's like rock climbing for them I guess! So, anyways, I was just hanging out trying to get to sleep. When suddenly I saw a black dot moving around on the net thing above my head. So I was like "Oh, another spider." So I got up and turned on my light (Knocking my keyboard over and into the trash in the process, making a really loud noise.). And then I realized... THE SPIDER WAS HUGE! eek It wasn't a black widow or anything (I've seen one before mrgreen ), but (Including the legs), it was about the size of the top of a soda can. And it's body was about the size of the top of a ChapStick cap. So I was like, "WHOA! How am I gonna kill this freakin' thing?!" Because whenever I try to kill bugs, they always fall to the ground, then run away, and I'm scared the rest of the day, like if it's gonna crawl up my leg, or something! xp So.... I put on my winter glove, and pinched it. sweatdrop And it killed it... But not very fast. Whenever I looked at it after killing it, it kept twitching. Excuse me, but... EW!
So anyways, after that disgusting and permanently scarring (For me, and the spider!) moment, I rewarded myself with some Fresca! Ahhh... Refreshing! biggrin
(P.S. The spider is still there... ninja )