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Top 10 Most Hated Pokemon

Just for you Natsu-chan!


If you haven't seen pkmndaisuki's journal about her rant on her hate of certain Pokemon, go check it out now. You'll know why this comes up.

Anyways, so I started Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time a couple days ago. No biggy. I'm a Squirtle named Ital, and my partner is a Chikorita, named Rito. Both are girls. I now have a comic in mind where I pick fights with Grovyle, tease Celebi all the time, have a trash mouth and like to defeat Pokemon, and don't like to be bossed around. Yes, I'm a bad Squirtle. How Rito deals with me I'll never know. Also, I'm drawing them as Half-human, half Pokemon. So kinda, anthro? Anyways, I have a crush on Grovyle, just because I like to fight with him a lot. Muahaha. Plus he's my former partner, even though technically I don't remember that part. Anyways onto the rant here.

WHILE I WAS PLAYING, I gained new hate for certain Pokemon in there. Most of these are caused by in battling, or the Pokemon just flipping irritated me. I MEAN FOR FLIPPING FLYING SLOWPOKES SAKE! HOW MANY TIMES CAN WE USE SWEET SCENT AT ONE TIME! D< Anyway, here ya go.

#10. Chatot. I really hate him now. He's annoying, he stole my money, and gave me JACKSQUAT after I worked my butt off to save Spoink's pearl. SCREW YOU.
#9. Purugly. I already hated this Pokemon. It's UGLY. HOW THE HELL GLAMEOW IS ITS PRE-EVOLUTION IS BEYOND ME!
#8. Hoppip. Stupid stalker Pokemon. Kept being a cheap whore and used Sweet scent while it stalked me.
#7. Skunktank. CHAW-HAW-HAW.....That is not a laugh, that is a retard choking. Probably from his own stench.
#6. Lileep. STOP. TRYING. TO. JOIN. MY. TEAM. DAMN IT. And stop hitting me with Wrap. IT'S ANNOYING.
#5. Dodrio. If you're gonna run away after I hit you so many times, DON'T FIGHT ME THEN. CHANCES ARE, I'M STRONGER THAN YOU...
#4. Sabeleye. I hate this Pokemon. It's weird looking, and it reminds me of the Shroobs from Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. Plus, they tried to scratch me to death. WHAT THE HELL! USE CONFUSION OR SOMETHING.
#3. It's a tie. Porygon2 and Porygon-Z. USE DISCHARGE ONE MORE TIME. I DARE YOU! And Porygon-Z. Is. A. FREAK.
#2. Abomasnow. HATE. YOU. AND. YOUR. HAIL. ABILITY. (Ital was hurt by the bad weather!)

#1. Gastrodon. NOT ONLY, does this Pokemon have the STORM DRAIN ability, BUT IT USES SLAM TO PARALYZE ME. You, you stupid Pokemon, I can't EVER use ANY of my attacks because of your DAMN ABILITY. I MEAN FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! I'M A FREAKING SQUIRTLE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! Oh boy...if I was my Charizard I WOULD FRY YOU LIKE THE SLUG YOU ARE!

*Lu used SALTSHAKER* *Gastrodon melted!*


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commentCommented on: Sun Jul 19, 2009 @ 09:08pm
Your flipping flying Slowpoke line nearly killed me from my own laughter. XD I feel your pain with the Sweet Scent thing. Only, for me, it's Oddish. And, yeah, Gastrodon is super annoying. Especially since I'm a Piplup.

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