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Ms paint Tutorial - IMPROVED!!!
Hello there fellow gaians. I guess you've come here to learn how to use ms paint. Alright we'll let's get started!
-Please note, this is not a tutorial on how to use the tools on paint-
Step 1.-The sketch!
User Image
Wtf, you say? Sketch on ms paint?

Yep, that's right. Sketch.(Ignore the blue lines behind my purple sketch lines, I got lazy with the pose so I used an avi art sketch to draw my pose over.) Now, you can do this with either a mouse of a tablet, whatever you feel more comfortable with. Choose the pencil tool and a light color (light blue, pink, light purple, light green etc.) and start sketching you drawing. It is important you use a light color so you can tell the different between your sketch lines and light art lines.

Step 1.-Doing the Lineart
User Image
Once you've got it sketched out, it's time to get out the Bezier tool aka the curvy line tool! You may need to practice using it first before anything else. Once you feel comfortable, start going over your sketch in black using the bezier tool. Why use that tool? Because it gives you nice clean lines.

Step 1.-Getting rid of your sketch
User Image
Now, the big question, what about the sketch in the background? This is important so pay close attention, you see the tabs at the top? Go to the one that says image and click it, then go down to invert color.Once the color's inverted, go back up to image and go to attributes, click it and set the mode to 'black and white'. This should take ALL colors out of the image and leave you with the nice clean line art. Go back to attributes and change the mode back to color, then again, go back to invert color, your drawing should look like this:
User Image
Yay! You're finished with the line art now start coloring. ^^

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