You told me you would never do this.
Now you lie.
Right to my face.
You always said that you would be there for me..
But, you lied.
So much pain.
So little time.
So much depression,
So much wasted.
I gave you so much.
And, what?
Its over?
Just like that?
You tell me one more good-bye?
And you leave me?
With nothing?
But, Pain, Depression, Agony, Hurt, Worthless, Anger, Confussion, Alone, Scared, Upset..
You left me with all those emotions.. but, you didn't leave me anything else.
You LEFT me with NOTHING
Because you didn't CARE
You never did..
And you never will come back?
Will you?
Or will you let me die?
In Hell?
Or in Heaven?
And not come to me?
And see me?
For the first time?
In forever?
You said, it would ALWAYS last..
And will never die.
I can see now, you lied.

And I will never forget you..