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Can you tell the truth apart for me?
this journal is about alot a' different stuff.I like to write often, but i don't know if they're any good.I like to write about misery and stuff like that.This journal is in the perceptive of a fictional character i created,so it's just like a diary.
It was at some party, that the village was having. I'm pretty sure everyone was invited. This was when I met her. She was dancing cheerfully, while the all the others were watching and talking in fake attitudes. It looked like she spotted me when she called over, "Hey!"
I said nothing as I went over to her. She had stopped dancing and now was looking in my eyes. All of a sudden she hugged me.
I looked at her. It was as if she could see right through me. I don't know what brought me to it, but I hugged her back. The others laughed and stared. I never wanted to let go. I think she understood that.
After a while we started to talk outside of the party. I think the villigers were disappointed when they lost their entertainment. She had told me her name. It was Rin, which never matched her at all.I had told her my name was Sylph.
"That's 'a funny name," She remarked.
"Thanks." I said sarcastically.
"Do you fight?" She pondered me. "Like, do you go into big fights?"
"I guess." I said. "Do you?"
"I'm not the best." She sighed. "Compared to all those others going out to the war, I'm pretty small."
"I'll protect you," I said, after a long pause.
She kissed me on the cheek.

x x x

(Narration of Rin)

I was talking to my friend Feryle while we were walking back to the village..I tripped over a rock on the stone path.. "Ow! I fell face front onto the floor, before sitting upto rub my shoe.
He helped me up.. "You're a klutz, Rin."
After I was up, I dusted myself off.. "That's not very nice." I commented..
Feryle was a good childhood friend of mine, whose mother took me in after my parents were killed by the evil witch Fern. Feryle's dad also died, so he sorta knew how I felt. I currently live in my aunt's house, but I live half my life in Feryles house.We eventually made it to his cottage, and sat on the front, near the pond. He began the conversation, as we skipped rocks.
"Ya know that one guy?" He asked skipping a rock.
"Hm? Slyph?" I attempted to answer, as as I threw a rock. This one didn't skip as all my other ones had.
"Wha'd'ya think of him?" He asked, and threw another.
"He's cool..." I said dreamily, thowing a successful rock.
"Like, is he your number one?" Feryle didn't throw a rock this time.
I thought for a minute."Hm.... I'm not sure.... Whatta 'bout you Feryle? Do you have a number one?" I continued to throw rocks.
"Yeah." He hHe began skipping stones again. But it doesn't matter."
I sighed. "So why'd ya ask me?"
"Just wondering."He must've heard my stomach grumble, 'cause he asked,"Are you hungry? "
__Interlude: No time to fiinish, so I'll finish as soon as possible!

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