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think of the impossible....
upon the glass, how the yellow rose fades to red
alex and hope held grace back as grave ((bad guy)) looks at her with his pale stunning green eyes, his dark raven hair was being played with by the wind in stone grove as raph and sari and every one else hung there, unconcious... helpless for now. her eyes widened as grave took out a knife from his cloak and graces eyes widened "get off me you traitors! get of me darkness!" she cried and tears spilled. "now grace" said grave "you are to be alone, no friends will live fore you, you are asheiba's favoorite so you must be miserable forever" he said his eyes widen at the last word to make effect. he tipped the ball over that held them unconcious and they awoke with a start and some looked around confused "which one first?" grave said he said putting the blade coldly against raphs neck. "him or the darkness sari grace which first!" grave asked hope snickered and alex shot her a look "please grave dont! please i have done nothing wrong! i have only lived" grace said. "exactly" grave said "you are in the balance grace you have chosen neither darkness nor light... and you never can because like most princess's your special there is nor ors nor ifs" he said. "chose grace! chose there fate!" grave yelled "it isn't fair and you know it! i can't choose in which order my friends die!" grace shouted "then in will choose" grave snarled. in a swift moment garve came from facing grace to slitting raphaels neck. the others vanished and raphael, now almost dead, fell from the chains to the floor. alex and hoipe vanished as well.
"no!" grace screamed as she ran to him and kneeled in sarrow beside his corpse. grave laughed evily "oh how i love pain" he said grace hug raph's slit neck his blood stained her clothes and her hair. she started to breath heavily in anger. "take this" grave said and slid raphs keyblade onto the ground to her "its all you have left." grace whispered in raphs silent ear "i'm sorry and i swear raphael that i will never let anything harm the people on which your blood is held in there vains" she said her anger rose as she grabbed raph's keyblade. grane laughed "you can't handle a key blade..." he said then stopped grace got up and she was GLOWING! a very light shade of yellow almost white "what the..." he said "damn you to hell grave damn all the darkness to hell" grace shoved raph's keyblade in the air and a burst of what seems like lightening when into the sky and shot like fall stars all around her in may different colors "no way" grave said "i haven't seen that power since" "queen asheiba? i know i'm her favorite remember" she slung the keyblade making her twirl around once and she let got of the keyblade slicing garve in half it came back to her like a boomerang and she caught the handle "you need no balance to win" she snarled and grave disapeared into dark light. the shooting stars slowed into a pixie dust and gathered at raphs neck and mended it. grace turned and looked at raphael who picked himself up and looked around in confusion. grace glumped him "thank god" she said and they were back to the ground.

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Fri Dec 30, 2005 @ 12:39am
That was a cool story. I died for awhile mrgreen But very nice. I enjoyed it.

commentCommented on: Fri Dec 30, 2005 @ 01:57am
I'm dead thoughout the whole thing how nice, but it was nice

Mitsukai Seimei
Community Member
Community Member
commentCommented on: Fri Dec 30, 2005 @ 04:19am
Haha. I'm probably dead throughout the rest as well. Good job! biggrin

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