Right, so i've been thinking of a few story ideas lately. I've been getting bored easily again since school started, so~

1) Spirit Guide- This is the story of a timid/petit boy in school that isn't really that special. He isn't athletic, or outgoing, and is somewhat obsessed with comics/manga and cartoons/anime... but, he isn't such a bad guy. He has a crush on his best friend who he's known since kindergarden, but she doesn't seem to see it so its one sided. One day as he's going home he sees a person standing on the side of a bridge and and watches them jump into the water below. When he looks in the water though, he didn't see any trace of the person left behind. not even ripples in the water. The next day as he goes home, he see's the same person on the ledge of the bridge in the same spot as before. They try to jump off the bridge again, but then the main character tells them not to do it. The person thanks them for noticing them and then vanishes in front of them. This person was a ghost/spirit, and was just sent to the after life.
The Main character has the ability to see ghost/spirits, and is recruited by a company to work with them to send the souls of the dearly departed to their destined afterlives. To do this though, he must make a spirit happy and do whatever they ask of him.
Genre: Comedy, Supernatural, Slice of life, action (later arcs)

2) Space Traveler Ai- People have gazed up into space for centuries and seen many things; Constelations, predictions of the future, and possible hopes of life. A scientist has spent their entire life doing research, and creating inventions to aid him incase he makes an encounter with another lifeform. One day, a ufo crashed into earth and inside is a girl named Ai. She is looking for help to protect her planet, which is under attack from an alien army/military who are trying to take over the universe. Ai is taken to a facility for research, where they will interrogate and disect her, but the reasercher won't let this happen and rescues her. She then ask him to help her, and he accepts without hesitation. They travel space looking for people who can help them in their journey.

Genre: Comedy, sci-fi, action, possibly satire too

So, please tell me which one you think is more interesting, what you expect from either story, what you don't like the story, etc~