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Feeling Bullets
Surprise surprise. I havent written in this particular journal in... A long time, no?
I really enjoy talking to myself like this, I blog to myself on Myspace all the time, too.
And I am NOT being sarcastic.
Bleh, my avi is wearing glasses because on the tenth of September, I'm getting glasses.
Anyone in my elementary school classes would be laughing hysterically right now because in fourth grade, I had to wear reading glasses. They looked terrible on me, so I ceased putting them on whenever I read, everyone said that someday I'd regret it.
I highly doubt I would have if it wasnt for the universe being out to get me and everything...
Well, my right eye, the fringe eye, is totally jacked up.
Because in fourth grade I got hand sanitizer in my eye.
I went to the ER, and the doctor got worried because it had started to bead on my eye.
Same thing, same exact thing, happened again the following school year.
The next year, in sixth grade, there was a car accident by my school.
My school was right of the entrance and exit of the freeway.
Before a street cleaner came to get all the glass from the car's window, the wind blew a shard right into my eye.
My infamous hand sanitizer eye.
It wedged itself (thankfully) in the white part right next to my iris. I didnt know it was in there like that, so I rubbed my eye, thinking I just got something really sharp in my eye (it's happened with pencil lead).
I stopped doing that pretty fast for I had felt the glass scratch up my eye.
Using only the, as my friend Dani would say, ridiculously (and naturally) long nails I have always loved, I plucked it out.
Ah, nothing big. Just scratches and a popped blood vessel. Being used to all this, parents and I decided to let it slide.
And that, my nonexistent readers, is how my right eye became close to useless.
The left eye stressed itself out to work the the job that two eyes should be doing, and now both eyes are a little off. Just after a short three and a half-ish years.
Ha. Wonderful.

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