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April's Journal
Well my journal is going to mainly be about my life. I may post some of my poems in there, but thats about it. Ill write in it whenever I want to let one of my friends know what is going on with my life or something.
A story. [[Intro.]]
Running away quickly as she heard her adoptive fathers yells twards her, Bella felt tears running down her cheeks as she slammed her door and locked it. She was thankful that she had bought her lock a while back, it gave her the right to be in her room.
"You no good rotten girl! Let me in this moment, you hear me?!" She heard him yell through the door as she was frantically grabbing clothes to put into her backpack, her eyes glossing over more as she tried to block out his screams and threats. She was never coming back, and she hoped he realized this.
"Never, you b*****d! You get away from me!" She yelled back, now frantically zipping up her bag as she opened her window. It squeaked loudly in the process, causing her to wince.
"Fine, and I hear you leaving! Don't think I don't!" Said his husky, deep voice. She froze for a moment, waiting for what he was going to say next.
"Don't you come back, you little b***h! Don't you ever come back!
"Don't worry, I won't." She mumbled to herself quietly, wiping the tears from her eyes.
Bella jumped out the window, pulling her dark gray pullover over her shirt, then slung her backpack over her back as she started running. She didn't know where she was going, or how she was getting there, but she did know that she was leaving, and she was leaving quickly. She kept running, not taking a second look at the trashy trailor to see if her adoptive father was following her or not. This was it. She was finally free, and she wasn't coming back.

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