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Just stuff I jot down once in a while
The Artis ~By:Me ._.
The Artist
By: Gabriela França
Inspired By: R.L Stine

As Jamie Smith walked up the sidewalk towards her new school, she thought about how sorry she’d been about leaving Georgia Tech University. In Georgia Tech, she only had a partial scholarship but at least she had her friends. Here in the University of Georgia she knew no one.
Jamie noticed that she was alone walking down the hallway towards the office. She timidly walked up to the secretary and speaking just above a whisper said, “Hi, um…My name’s Jasmine Smith, But I go by Jamie, if you please.”
“Jamie…You’re new here, aren’t you? You’re here because you got a full scholarship in art.” The secretary squeaked as she looked over Jamie with an old, fixed frown. “Yes, I know. We all heard how wonderfully you draw.” She said, her voice dripping with sarcasm.
Jamie cringed but said, “Yes well...Thank you, I guess…Um…Could you tell me where my dorm is, please?” She asked, her voice even softer than before.
The secretary sighed, “Yes, sure. Your dorm number is 147 in B wing. Josh here, “She said pointing over her shoulder to a boy sitting reading a magazine,” Will show you were it is.” She continued with an annoyed and tired voice.
Jamie’s eyes shifted towards Josh. Josh was fairly tall with a silly grin, she noted.
“I see you’ve met Mrs. Granger, the secretary.” He said with a teasing grin once they were outside.” Don’t worry, her bark’s worse than her bite. As you probably know, I’m Josh Nickels, the goof.”
“Oh hi! I’m Jamie. Nice to meet you! Finally, I know someone my age!” She said more relaxed.
“Looks can fool you, you know.” He said, chuckling. “How old ARE you, Miss Jamie?” Josh asked, amused.
“Oh I’m 20 years old. How about you?” She asked, returning the question.
“I’m 22. Here you go. Since you have 5th period with me, I’ll be seeing you tomorrow. Bye” He said, then walked off.
As Jamie walked into her dorm, she looked around and smiled. It kinda looked like home, only it was a little bare. She would ‘home-fy’ it later.
Since it was getting late, Jamie took a shower and got into bed.


In the morning, Jamie went into the dining hall and saw Josh. He waved to her as she got her breakfast. She walked over to where he was sitting and sat down. She looked around. Something was bothering her, she realized. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw that someone had been staring at her the whole time she was in the dining hall. And not in a friendly way or curious way. Before Jamie could start thinking, Josh spoke to her.
“Wassup Jamie? I hear you got a full scholarship! That true or just some rumor I heard? “He asked smiling.
Jamie nodded as she took a bite of her biscuit.
‘’Ya I did. I couldn’t believe it when they called me! I’m just so happy!” She exclaimed after swallowing.
“I hear ya, sister.” He laughed as he and Jamie got up to dump their trays. They exchanged quick goodbyes and she went into her 1st period: Science.


After that the day just seemed to fly by until 6th period: Art. Yes! Finally something interesting! She thought in relief.
She sat down on a random chair until someone tapped her.
“Move! You’re in MY seat.” Said the girl that had been staring at Jamie in the dining hall, Jamie realized.
“Oh I’m sorry! I didn’t know!” Jamie exclaimed, surprised at the rudeness and sharpness of the girl’s voice.” M-My name’s Jamie” She stammered.
“Yes, I know. I’m Patricia, or Pat for short.” Patricia snapped with a role of her eyes as she sat down in her seat.
Since no one was sitting beside Pat, Jamie sat down and began” Pat? That’s a beaut-“Suddenly Jamie was interrupted by the teacher, Mrs. Starr.
“Ladies and gentlemen!” Mrs.Starr exclaimed,” We have a new student today! Her name is Jamie Smith and she’s from Michigan! Please make sure you make her feel welcome today!
“Anyway,” Continued Mrs. Starr, “Today you are going to spend 15 minutes drawing the person beside you and then, as I promised, I will take you all to the museum , okay?”
Then the whole class cheered and started working on their neighbors’ portrait and Jamie did too. She worked hard on bringing out Pat’s good points and hiding her bad points. She worked hard on it for 15 minutes before Mrs. Starr rang her bell. Jamie quickly looked over the picture and smiled to herself. She thought it was pretty good. She would work on it some more when she got back, she reminded herself.

Jamie had a wonderful time in the museum! She saw so much art and so many sculptures! When the class went back into the classroom to pick up their stuff, Jamie gasped and her eyes filled with tears. Jamie saw the picture of Pat that she had drawn, all smeared up with black letters that read: GO AWAY LOSER!!!
Everyone stopped talking and laughing and turned towards her. When they saw the picture they gasped too.
“Who would do something like this?! On Jamie’s 1st day?! What kind of way is this to welcome her!?” Exclaimed Mrs. Starr.
Jamie turned her head and looked at Mrs. Starr. The teacher’s eyes were big and her face was red in rage. Jamie knew that Mrs. Starr was angry for someone to waste black paint that way but even worse, she was mad that someone had been so cruel to a new student.
Jamie just took the picture and threw it away. She had no idea who had done this. But she knew this wasn’t the last ‘’prank’’ she’d get.


“Oh my God! Do you have any idea who did this!?” Josh asked, clearly outraged.
Jamie shook her head “None. I just don’t get it. What did I ever do that was so wrong in one danged day? I just don’t get it at all. Why would people hate me if they don’t even know me?” She said as she put her head in between her hands.
Jamie was getting a migraine. She could feel it.
“I don’t know either...Did you ever say anything to some girl or something?” Josh asked cautiously. He knew how girl fights could be.
Jamie just murmured” No… I’ve only talked to you...as in a conversation. I’ve been polite to everyone. I swear! Anyways, I’ve got to get going. Lots of homework. Bye.” She hugged Josh, then got in her car and drove back to her dorm.

That night Jamie had a hard time sleeping. She just couldn’t see what she had done so wrong. Sure Pat had snapped at her, but she hadn’t exactly exchanged any mean words with her.
Jamie got up and went to get herself a bottle of water from her mini-fridge she had brought along with her. She drank her water then took half of a sleeping pill then laid down for a restless night.


At dawn Jamie got up and walked to the dining hall and sat down. It was still a little bit dark and only one chef was in the kitchen. She just grabbed herself some coffee and walked to the art room. Surprisingly, it wasn’t locked.
Jamie walked in to find someone had closed the door.
“So…You’re back, huh? You shouldn’t have ever come here, you know that? That way you would never get hurt” The voice raspered.”Now you’ll just have to pay.”
Jamie shook with fear. She could feel whoever was harassing her that they were coming closer. “W-what d-did I d-do!?” She asked fearfully. She was slowly backing away. She had to get out of there.
“Huh? You don’t even know do you? You STOLE my scholarship. That’s what you did. And now, you’re going to pay for it.” The voice said as they grabbed for Jamie.
For one nana-second Jamie danced a deadly dance with the voice.
“No!!”Jamie screamed at the top of her lungs.
“What is going on here!?” She heard Mrs. Starr yell.
Suddenly the room flooded with light and she saw Pat’s surprised, angry face.
“No!” She screamed, now being discovered. “This would’ve never happened if you hadn’t arrived, Jasmine!” She screamed as two cops came running in the building.
“What’s going on here!?” One cop yelled.
“This girl” Mrs. Starr said, “Tried to scare one of my students from the University of Georgia because of some scholarship. Patricia,” She said turning towards Pat, “Goodbye.”
Jamie watched as Pat was being led away by the two officers. She breathed in a deep full breath and then thought to herself, You’re safe, Jamie, you’re finally safe. And that moment she knew it was true. Pat was being led away, and Jamie was ready for a fresh start in UGA.

((kinda rushed I know but i only started today[9/17/09/] and had to finish by tomorrow and turn it in,[9/18/09]. So ya.. eek eek eek eek xd xd xd whee whee whee whee ))

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