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Well, here I am. Making Skelanimals desktops on the website and desperately trying to get ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’ out of my head. I used to be playing the person who picks names out of the hat when we were playing 7 Minutes of Heaven over Skype, but then they started getting all…. Yah. So I left them to it. Now I’m sitting here… pondering what to do with my life. Sometimes I wonder how long lines of thoughts lead from one end to another. Like the time I was pondering over what kind of muffin to get, at Hannaford’s and somehow by the time I realized what the milkshakes I was thinking about it turned into imagining Barrack Obama as a gangstah’ in New York thinking he was ‘all that’ by stealing a wiener dog’s milkbone. Yah… sometimes I wonder about my subconscious…
Anyways, so back to pondering about my life… I suppose I have it pretty good. I mean we all have our issues and our own levels of tolerance. I’m sure most of us have pondered our reason for being here and then perhaps feel better about ourselves or suddenly receive suicidal thoughts at the end of those ponderings. I suppose I can say I’ve felt both ends of the candle, or however that saying goes. Either way, I should probably make some beneficial point to this entry. I guess I can say that no matter how much things suck, they’ll either get better or worse. Often times things get better, but we might not be able to handle the bad things long enough to get to the good things. But we have to realize, there’s always a light at the end of a bridge… tunnel… same difference. Both of them have graffiti. Anyway… But yah, there’s always good along with the bad. We all have to hold onto what we have. And if we have nothing, you gosh darned better believe nothing is better than something. Or, nothing is better than…. Oh never mind. The point is, we’ve all got to find our blessings, even if it seems we have none. If you can’t think of a blessing, just say the world, your life, that tree over there…no not that one, the other one. No the one next to that one. THAT ONE YOU RETARD… umm… yah so I’m sure you can find something in the world to call a blessing. And we’ve got to keep those blessings in mind. And again, if you’ve got nothing…. Yah lets not get into that again.
So just keep trucking onward. Find a goal, and stick to it. If you can’t find a goal, here’s one for you: attempt to understand this whole entire paragraph of 457 words…. 459. 440. GAWD STOP CHANGING YOU STUPID NUMBER… 446. -_- ANYWAY… so yah no suicide, is pretty much the whole point of this whole entry. I think… I don’t know I kind of lost my whole point… *blinks* Well… if you’ve read enough to get to this point, congratulations. I feel greatly honored that you have made it past all the confusion and continues to read. It’s really quite admirable. I think. Well, in my point of view anyway. If your proud of that kind of thing. Being honored and admired by a random person on Gaia.
Well yah, I’m done. I’ll shut up now.

564.…DANG.. 566...

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    commentCommented on: Sat Oct 10, 2009 @ 08:51pm

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