I joined gaia at 2005 as "Sandy-95"
I got banned, 'cause at that time,
you was able be younger than 13 when you joined.
So gaia banned me, once again,
it happened same problem, but I was "ZerudaFan-12" at that time...
I lost the intrest for gaia, then my friends begin talk 'bout it again.

I was like
"What the name on that site?"
First they didn't tell me, I dunno why...
They only said, it was a secret site..

After a while I got 'em to tell me. (It took a year or 2)
"It's gaiaonline.com,are you happy now?"
I told 'em send me a link, also my friend help me join this again....
And so they did. I joined gaia as "Maricha12" third time..

After like 3 months with that acc, I got banned,
for something, I didn't know what I did.
Once again I created a new acc...
"Maricha13" ("13" was for I was 13 years old..)
(There was a time I had "MiniPsychoKid" but that acc is just a shadow in the past now.)
Then I created "oxXDarkMedliXxo".
I got hacked after I got all items I wanted,
a person changed the e-mail and my pass.
There I lost even more time I used up on this site...
I created a new avi once again "DarkMedli"
and I changed the name to "EvilPsychoKid"
(I had this acc when I meet my best friend on here "Angel Imp Roy"
But also he had anotheer name, that was "DarkoDarknessRoy"
OMFG I remember o-o...
and he also changed it, many times,
'til he got hacked also,
his old acc has "Tigers Ranger" as name now..)

Once again, I got tierd of it, also my friends was complaining
"Why does everyone has "Psycho" in their name?!"
So I changed it to "TheNightsDarkestDream", I didn't like the complainig at all..

After a while.. I created a new acc.. that I called "TNDD"
(Roy gave me that name, thank you so much. ^ ^)
I had the name a month or something the I changed it to
"The Nights Devil Dream" I used the acc. and got a lot of friends...
I decided to create a new acc,
'cause too many of my friends wasn't chatting with me.. -sighs-

I still had Roy as a friend,
and I created "-I- Devil Dream -I-"
and I also created "-I- Devil D -I-" (A male acc)

Yeah.... The times pasted by was fighting with Roy few times... sadly...
He's my ex-bf. I still like loves him very much... That's the truth.

I once again created a new acc...
This one, it was called "HeartBreaker-Chan"
'Cause I really feelt like a heartbreaker.
When I really begin use this acc,
I changed the name to "-I- Dreams Of Storms -I-"
But my rl friend called me "-I- Dreams Of Bacon -I-"
And it was annoying....
My bf decided to change his name to
"-I- Living Nightmare -I-"
and I changed mine to
"-I- Living Dream -I-"

I guess I told you my "life-history" on gaia for you now. Lol.

I got hacked and banned many times, here on gaia.