Okay okay, now here is the time we now start da da daa! Gir26's Waffle Blog! its all about the random stuff that happens to me! and some other people at our school! you'll see names like kyokitty30, Yamato-Damashii ookami, Annanz, ZacyBear, -XxMyuki chanxX-, and now AdilovesMCR!!!! if your reading AdilovesMCR's blog it says Gir27 started saying do ponytails...blah blah blah, that was me when i had some ice tea with extra sugar. (like i am now) i would of changed the name of the jourlan but i don't know how!!! we'll see if i can change it!! anywayz, lets get down to business! i'm a manga and anime lover, i've got my newest series to WATCH but now i need one to READ! PLEASE HELP ME! (i'm a big book worm so i'm good with novels but any of those titles are good to!) ok, i know i just wasted some of your life but next time, the second post of my bloggy thing what ever this is! will be better!
- mrgreen