Alright, I have created a character. A character, of one preference and one obsession, and that is to destroy the world. I want to share this character with you here today. Taken with a camera though, the scanner is currently disagreeing with my computer. Like when people say the food disagrees with their stomach...that makes no sense, and my friends and I got into a conversation about that one time...ooooh, next journal, I promise I'll share that little discussion with you, doubt you'll care but I'll do it anyways, because I go back to my previous journal entries and laugh at how retardant I was. But now I'm rambling, so hopefully the next one will be better, drawn and a better idea. Because though everyone loves big red buttons (that don't happen to be red, be imaginative people!) they're a little overworked in the cartoon industry.

[ I]ntroducing.[ P]ierre

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