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mitus my thoughts and poems it's a popuri of me

Community Member
ok i don't feel like writing a poem today, but instead i wanted to state something that i rather dislike. I hate chain letters ugh, and the ones i really loathe is the one that say like "if you don't send this to -insert # here- people then such and such (usually some type of dead person more likely a dead child) will kill you" grrrr how stupid is that and then they go on to say " if you don't believe me case 1 -insert stupid story about someone who didn't sent said chain letter enough times or at all and at the end of said story it says something like is no longer with us- i just can't beleive some idiots really think that something bad will happen just beacuse they didn't send the stupid letter. I bet if something happened oh say they cut their finger or they trip on something right after reading the letter, and not sending it they would blame the letter instead of what really happened like they didn't see something on the floor or they where cutting apples and their hand slipped. Then there are those that say "this really works if you sent this to -insert # here- people and press -insert "key" here- you will get -insert amount of gold here- " Then they try to emphasize how it really works ,and some time a little to much.It's stupid i mean yah i wish it was that easy to get gold well they often have a time limit to them, but still. See i've tryed a few of those even though i knew they wouldn't work, and none of them ever worked. Why would people make such stupid chain letters? .....accually why would some one make a chain letter at all? is it because of boredom? whatever i just really hate chain letter i don't usually get much and when i do get them i delete them, but it still annoys me.

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