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Jagged Crystal's Manly Journal for a Dainty Female
My journal has random things that happen daily, weekly, or monthly or just my thoughts. Nothing super special.
Manly Journal for a Dainty Female
Hey everyone this is my dia...MANLY Journal!!! Open for everyone to read because lets face it nobody can resist the call of another's diary to be read; only if its interesting of course. Okay here I go:

Dear Manly Journal, (flexing my arm as I type)
Today I read book. It was good. Then I ate a burrito. It was good.... Just kidding....

So what makes my journal so manly you ask? Chest hair of course...Ha...Ha...Haaaa.

No... really I just thought it sounded cool. I should write a book with that title...hmmmm....the main reason is because I feel that my sister and I have sort of "dainty" proper person and a "manly" person that wants to break out and punch rude idiots in the face.

Anyways, all this week for Halloween at school we have a Humans vs. Zombie game going on. The "Zombies" walking around with I think black arm bands or something like that. Whole bunches of paranoid "Humans" are walking around with nerf guns in groups. Giggling and waving the nerf gun at every person that passes them. <.< >.> They'd obviously wouldn't survive a zombie attack. I'm suprised they didn't nerf someone in the eye already.

I should know I had a group pointing there nerf guns at my sister and I. eek Since it's cold at least for me I was wearing my dad's leather jacketup as they tried to "assess the risk" Anyways one of the guys, (it was a large mixed group) sounded rude about it and acted like I was actually rabid and going to bite him or something. stressed

burning_eyes In my manly thoughts I would have leaped at him with jaguar like speed scream haaaa punched him the face; thus teaching the louse some manners, I would; yet, as a dainty female I just brushed it off because it would be a waste of time and I can't be bothered with such things (snooty laughter). Nah, I really just brushed it. My sister says its not normal. Hmm....

jagged crystal
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jagged crystal
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  • [10/27/09 05:54pm]
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