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Please enter your journal title here I got a few tips for college if you want some help XD

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Excuses for Tardines
Here's a situation everybody knows of: You wake up in a panic, glance over at your clock, and realize that you're already 5 min late for class. gonk By the time you throw on some clothes, brush your teetn, and make your way to class you'll be 15 min late. crying There is nothing more embarrassing than having to knock on a locked classroom door, interrupt your professor's lecture, and take your seat while everyone stares at you. here are some handy excuses for when what 15 min of tardiness happens: arrow

Excuse #1: Right before you ender your classroom, set your left arm on fire. Run into your classroom screaming, put out your fire with your right arm, shake your head, and say, "You do NOT want to know." Then quietly take your seat. (before setting your arm on fire.... make sure its your classroom sweatdrop )

Excuse #2 Come into the classroom and walk straight up to the clock. turn the min hand back 15 min. clap your hands together and say, "well, that settles that; who's ready to start class?" Your professor will start again from the beginning.

Excuse #3 Run in weilding a hand gun. Tell everybody to "stay in your f**king seat or I'll blow the professor's head right off!"then tell them you were only kidding. They'll be so relieved you didn't kill anybody that they'll completely forgive your now seemingly-insignificant-in-the-grand-scheme-of-thing-being-tardy. ninja

Excuse #4 Walk in backwards. take your seat upside down. Explain your Tardiness in rerverse. The professor will be convinced that it's Opposite Day and that you've shown 15 min early! mrgreen

Excuse Number 5!!! Show up with a potato sakc filled with your professor's favorite candy... as you walk in, empty the sack on your profesors desk... They'll watch in amazement as their favorite candy overflows their desk onto the floor... They'll more than likely cancel class like a little kid in a candy store. 4laugh

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