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What happened??? Hey its me! Yea that doesn't say much. But whatev. By the way I'll just tell you some stories. Real life ones. (mostly)

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Human Geography( a class full of smart hilarious people)
Ok this was a little while back but we were doing culture for human geography so we had a music day(not really it was only 15 minutes) but some friends brought in music and like 5 guys started singing about random stuff like that wall! Lmao And this one guy(dont wanna mention names) he starts playing the rip your pants spongebob song!! Haha Ash and Madi you know what im talking about blaugh

My favorite is the illegal immigrant thing. We were having a silent discussion where you right on posters around the room. So theres this one mentioning illegal immigrants. But instead it said illegal aliens which is the same thing(btw did you know the politically correct term is undocumented immigrants?)[not the point....anyway] and someone starts writing about an alien invasion -.- now remember these are SUPPOSEDLY the smartest freshmens(no one says that but its pretty much implied) And someone goes" I don't think an alien invasion is relevant to this discussion"

Hahahahhahahahaha you really had to be there but i figured I'd type it down anyways. heart

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Sun Apr 25, 2010 @ 03:30pm

Mmk, so one of the posters said something about power, right? And someone did this:
So above pow, I wrote
And then they wrote Nuh-uh.
Yeah huh. Stupid lose with an orange marker.
Who are you?
Yer mom.
And I got in slight trouble. XD

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