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Yuki was adopted as a small girl, into a rich, loving family. After she was adopted, she got a pure white cat named Kiba. As the years went by she felt herself growing further and further away from the people she cared for and loved. One day after coming back from getting groceries with Kiba she saw a man with a mask on walk out of her home. As the man got further and further away, she felt something was wrong. When she walked into the house she yelled for her parents, but she got no answer until she got to the living quarters. On the floor were her parents, pale and lifeless. She went up to her room, grabbed a suitcase, put all her clothes in it, then head downstairs, still crying from before. Kiba trailing at yuki's heals, she grabs the cat food, and Kiba's cat bed and rushes out the door, toward the park. Yuki sat one a parkbench with Kiba on her lap, and before she knew it, it was early the next day.

Yuki sat up with Kiba on her lap, sleeping. She looked around, the sun was hardly visible from behind the trees, but she knew she had to go by the sound of police sirens. As she woke up Kiba and grabbed her suitcase, she felt someone was watching her. From behind her in the shadows, she heard someone say "I know it wasn't you." By the sound of the voice, it was a man. A man who knew the truth. She froze where she was. She started to run, she didn't know why, but she felt unsafe. She only had 4-5 Miles until the next town. It's not that far, she thought. She wanted to be anywhere but there. She had taken about $100 from her parents' dresser drawer. She knew that when the police searched the house there would be problems. With the fact there were groceries dropped at the front door, no clothes in Yuki's room, and fingerprints on her parents' dresser. The police would think that she was the one who killed them. The man in the park and her were the only people who knew the truth. She knew she should stay and pay her respects, but she couldn't stop. She ran as fast as she could with Kiba at her side and a suitcase in one hand, out of town.

It was about noon when Yuki and Kiba reached the outskirts of the town. A block or so ahead, Yuki could see two black sticks of somesort along the roadway, one in a tree and one leaning against it. As she and Kiba came closer to the tree, Yuki could see that the stick was not a stick, but a sword! The holder((forgot what it's called)) was leaning against the tree. Before she tried to pull the sword out, she saw something that surprised her. There was an ingraving in the tree, it said, but she couldn't make out what is said. With that, she started to pull the sword. The sword came out into her hands with surprising ease. "So, someone finally got that old thing out."

Yuki dropped the sword. The voice was male, but it wasn't that from the park. She spun around, her blonde hair glittering in the afternoon sunlight. The boy was tall with light brown hair, the color of a walnut shell. He had eyes the color of emeralds, and the face of an angel.

The boy smiled and held out his hand.
"I'm Kumori. Kumori Akuma."
"Demon Wolf?" Staring at Kumori's hand, she shook it and said, "I'm Yuki Akatsuki."
"Tender Princess Daybreak," Kumori smiled and said, "Interesting name."
"Yours is too." Thinking, she smiled, and said, "A tender princess with a demon."
Moving around Yuki, Kumori picked up the sword, put it in the holder, and handed it to her saying, "This is yours now."
The sword lay in her gentle hands. She took a black ribbon out of her suitcase and tied the sword around her waist. Kumori just smiled, picked up her suitcase and said, "Follow me. You need to wash up."
She took Kiba, said nothing, and just followed.

Stepping out of the shower, with wet blode ringlets hanging losely over her shoulders, she went into the hall, away from the bathroom. She looked left then right and shouted, "Kumori!"
"Coming!" She heard him reply.
Yuki stood waiting in the doorway in a small, knee-high white towel when Kumori came, Kiba striding beside him.
"Where's my suitcase?"
"Down the hall to the left, I'll get it."
"Okay." Yuki said in a small voice.
Kumori vanished down the hallway, while Yuki kneeled down to pet Kiba. "It'll be alright Kiba," And kissed the cat's head. Just then Kumori was coming up the hallway with Yuki's suit case. Getting up, Yuki set Kiba down, and took the suitcase from Kumori, and smiling, said "Thank you."

~5 Minutes Later~

As Yuki walked out of the bathroom, she took her suitcase and put it in the room down the hall. The room was small with faded flower wallpaper. Inside the room was a small bureau, With a mirror, and four drawers. In the middle of the room was a king sized bed with a faded quilt. She set her suitcase on the bed and sat beside it. She closed her eyes, but all she saw were her lifeless parents on the floor. A tear trickeled down her cheek. She felt a hand wipe the tear away. She opened her eyes. It was Kumori.
"What's wrong?" He asked.
"You wouldn't believe me if I told you." she said as she looked away.
He put his finger under her chin and pulled her face upto his, and said, "Tell me."
The way his face was next to hers made her feel...at home. So she told him all the way from the beginning to the end, from when she was adopted to where her parents' lifeless bodies on the floor, to being where she was with Kumori.
"That's an interesting story." He said.
"I told you. You don't believe me." She said with a sad expression.
"I believe you."
"You what?" She asked astonished.
"I said, I believe you."
She didn't know what to say. She was completely surprised. She didn't think anyone would believe her. Not after she left the scene of the crime. "I'd like to kow a couple of things. First, why do you believe me?"
"Well, there has been a breakout of numerous murders lately. For some reason they've mainly been Women. All between the ages of 10 and 30."
"That's terrible!"
"I may have a reason why your parents were killed. I think it was because whoever killed them was trying to get to you."
Yuki looked to the floor with dark hazel eyes, filled with devistation. "Do you really think so?"
"Yes. Now what was your other question?"
"Well, since Kiba and I have no place to go...I'd like to know if we can stay here."
Komuri smiled. "Of course. You're always welcome here"

It was about ten 'o clock the next day, and the afternoon went by fast. Kumori had made pancakes with bacon for breakfast, then him and Yuki went to the park. There they watched the people pass by on their bicycles, and in their cars. They sat there and talked, while the day went by. It was around 6 PM when they went to dinner. Kumori took Yuki to a bar called Fun's Corner. There, they took some seats, Kumori ordered a hamburger with water, as did Yuki. After they finished with their food, Yuki told Kumori she'd be waiting in the car while he went to the bathroom. On her way to the car, people stared at her, some leaning against the wall of the bar, some standing there chatting. The three men leaning against the wall wearing t-shirts and shorts, watched her. The first man had a white shirt with matching shorts, the second with a white shirt, and black shorts, while the third had a white shirt and blue shorts. As Yuki stood beside Kumori's car with Kiba, her cat, at her feet, the men staggered forward, obviously drunk. With wide eyes, she backed away from the men. Then she started running down the street, her white dress blowing in the breeze, and her hair a jumble of loose curls.
"Hey, cutie, where you running to?" one of the men said.
Yuki could hear their footsteps behind her which made her run even faster, and Kiba trying to keep up. As Kiba picked up her pace, Yuki scooped her up and ran as fast as she could.
"Slow down, Miss Marathon!"
She did no such thing. She kept running, but it made her lungs feel like bursting. Unfortunately for her, she had gone straight to a dead end. The only way she could get away was to go into the warehouse behind her, and hope there was a back entrance. She opened the door successfully. But the men were on her heals. The warehouse had boxes everywhere, and as far as Yuki could see, no back door. Oh no, She thought, scared. She could here the men's footfalls behind her. "I have to run!" She said to herself.
Yuki ran to the back corner in the shadows of the warehouse. She sat in the corner and said to her cat, "Kiba, Run and get Kumori. Go around the outside of the building so those men don't see you. Hurry and bring him here, you know the way." She let the cat go. She went two feet and started weaving through the boxes. Kiba made it out without the men even knowing. They had looked around for a couple of minutes before someone had spotted her in the corner. I hope Kiba got to Kumori.
The three men had closed in on her, she checked her waist for the sword and remebered she left it at Kumori's. She had no place to go.
"What should we do with her?" The one on the far right asked.
"I don't know." Said the one on the left.
"I know." Said the one in the middle, with a greedy expression.
The one in the middle, the one with the blue shorts started pulling her shoes off, while two on the outside started pulling her tights off. She closed her eyes for a moment. In that one moment she saw her lifeless parents on the cold, hard ground. It brought tears to her eyes, then her eyes flashed open.
She started kicking her legs and screaming. Then, the man in the middle had a troubled expression and said to the man on his right and left, "Shut her up! Grab her hands! Hurry up!" The man on the right put his hand to her mouth, while the man on the left grabbed her arms. She wouldn't give up, though. She kept thrashing her legs, but to her dislike, her tights were almost off. The right man's hand slipped off a little, and she bit him. He yelped in pain. "Kumori!" she could only hope that he would show up in time. "Kumori!" Just then, she heard the sound of footsteps, hitting hard against the ground.
"Leave her alone!" Yuki froze. Not a thrash left in her boy.
"Says who?" The man in the blue shorts said.
"I do! Now let her go!" It was Kumori.
The man turned around and said, "You're asking for it, kid."
"Am I? Or are you?"
With that, the man ran towards Kumori. Yuki watched in horror as the man lunged for him. To Yuki's surprise the man was down in 10 seconds with a kick to the side of the head.
"Who's next?"
There was a fiery glow to his eyes. Almost that of a demon.
"Demon Wolf..." She finally understood now.
Both men let go at exactly the same time, and ran toward Kumori. He was ready for them, though. He dodged both of them, and came up from behind. He punched one, and kicked the other. They turned around, big mistake. Kumori took the sides of their heads, and hit one against the other at exactly the same time, and they fell to the ground, unconsious. He started toward me, the burn in his eyes quieting, and Kiba bounding beside him. With a 'meow,' Kiba jumped into Yuki's lap, purring.
"Are you okay? They didn't do anything to you did they?" Kumori asked, concerned.
Yuki shook her head, still crying. Kumori picked her up, a hand under her knees and one behind her back.
"I'm glad you're okay, I would have been devistated if anything would've happened to you."
"Thank you." Yuki said as she leaned her head aginst his chest, exhausted.
"Let's go home." He said as he kissed her forehead.

~Later at Kumori's House~

Yuki and Kumori were in the living quarters(Living room), watching TV. Yuki was on the couch sitting beside Kumori, her head against his shoulder. She wasn't watching TV, she was thinking about the incident earlier that day, in the warehouse.
"Thank you." She said to Kumori.
"For what?" He asked, confused.
"For saving me." She said, a tear slowly moving down her cheek.
"Are you crying?"
"I'm sorry Kumori! I'm so very sorry!" The tears streaming from her eyes like a river.
With a surprised expression he said, "What are you so sorry for, Yuki? Why are you crying?"
"I'm sorry because I'm useless! I can't do anything right! It always happens to me!"
He pulled her face up to his and said, "Listen to me Yuki. You're not useless. No one is perfect. No one can help that."
With that Yuki buried her face in his shirt, still crying, said in a mumbled voice, "I'm scared, Kumori. What's going to happen if you're not there, and I need you?"
"That won't happen again. I won't leave your side, I promise. It's okay." he said as he stroked her fine blonde ringlets. "It'll be alright."
Yuki looked up with desperate eyes, and a tear stricken face. Somehow there was a reassurance in his eyes that made her feel safe. She rested her head against his chest once again, and before she knew it, was asleep in Kumori's arms.

((To Be Continued...))

((Tell me about any mistakes!))

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