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Role Play Battle Idea (Basics,Rules)
This idea was based off of the website "Naruto Arena",And is optional for role play battles.Although i for one think it makes the battle more fair,And more even match,Which also helps there be no god modding.

1: You can use jutsu at any time,Although all must have a weakness,Preferably a count down until you can use it again.Here's an example

Shadow Clone Jutsu

Similar to the Clone Technique, this jutsu creates clones of the user. Unlike the Clone Technique, these clones are actual copies, not illusions. The user's chakra is evenly distributed among every clone, giving each clone an equal fraction of the user's overall power. The clones are capable of performing jutsu on their own and can even bleed, but will usually disperse after one or two solid blows. They can also disperse on their own. The clones will be created in roughly the same condition as the original.

Unlike other clone techniques, they can't be detected by the Byakugan because the clones have the exact same amount of chakra and aren't made from any other substance, making them indistinguishable from the actual person. In the anime, Sasuke Uchiha claims that the Sharingan can distinguish clones from the original, however various events throughout the series seem to indicate that this is not the case, implying that the Sharingan was merely used to keep track of the original's movements.

Type: B-Rank,Ninjutsu, Bunshinjutsu ,Supplementary,Countdown 4 messages

Notice the count down,This means if you use it,You can't use it again until YOU post 4 more messages in the role play battle.Depending on if it's to avoid an attack the countdown requirement would last longer,This way you can't keep using dodge moves every message,But you could use them still enough.
2: Depending on how strong a jutsu is,it must also be easier to dodge,So if it's a one hit knock out move,It must be fairly easy to avoid.Note that this DOES effect "Area jutsu" If it effects the entire battle field it's almost impossible to dodge (Unless the user uses something like underground movement jutsu,Or something that protects all around them) And because it's so hard to dodge,It can't do too much damage such as it can't be one hit knock,At best something like this should only do half damage.( 50 ).
3: This one's optional even in this kind of role play,But you can go with "Health points" or in this case I'd call it "Endurance",As well as "Chakra".The user would start off with 100 endurance,And 100 chakra.(Yes much like a game).When you have distription on jutsu,You must add the "Countdown",How much damage it does,And how much chakra it takes to use.Example

Wind Style: Fierce Wind

This makes a giant wave of extremely strong wind,Being able to push giant boulders,Knock over hundreds of houses,And clear a forest of all the trees.This can be used defensively to deflect Ninjutsu,Weapons.And offensively to knock back an enemy so hard to could get knocked out hard.Using this jutsu,The user can also make large blades of wind in with it too.
Damage: 45
Chakra Cost: 50
Dodge: 4.5/5 (Can't be dodged )

Defend: 3/5 (Can be defended by jutsu,Not basic defense.)
Type: B-Rank,Offensive,Defensive,All Ranges,Ninjutsu,Hiden Jutsu,Countdown 5 Messages

Of course your chakra will regain over each message,Keep that in mind,Your chakra will regain by 20 with every post,Your endurance will NOT increase,In less you use a healing jutsu.(Details on the healing jutsu will be put down later in this message.)
4: Depending on how strong that jutsu is,Damage wise,It will cost more chakra.And if it's a healing one the same rule the more it heals the more it cost,Some custom jutsus can do a "Heal over time" where every turn you'd heal a certain amount,But still depending on the health it heals each turn it will cost more,Such as healing 30 health every turn,When you use the jutsu it will right away cost something like 60 chakra and heal for 2 turns and count down would be 6 messages,But after you use that much,During the amount of time it heals you don't have to use chakra each turn it heals,You pay "upfront" with all the chakra it would cost all together,However depending on how much it heals each turn,it would stop healing sooner,So the stronger the heal the fewer the turns it does heal.Note the chakra amount cost to it MUST be a fair amount,Preferably all the endurance you gain comes out of your chakra like a trade.NOTE: Also depending how strong the heal increases the countdown,Also preferably based on how much it heals such as it heals 60 would mean 8 message wait.Notice how it would be 2 messages more then how much it would heal 6 to 8,This apply's to MOST healing jutsus,The countdown being 2 messages more then the heal.
5: In every post that you use a jutsu,You must post all the details on the jutsu,Including damage,Chakra cost,This helps keeping things remembered so the opponent knows how much chakra you still have also so they know it's all fair.
6: Also,In every post you MUST always put down your current endurance and chakra.
7: Even if you have defense jutsu and the basic dodge/defense,You can NOT be protected all the time.If you have alot of defense jutsu,The count down on all but one is increased! You are absolutely not allowed to be protected all the time.So if you have so many defense jutsu you could be protected all the time,The count down is increased greatly so you can't,But not so greatly that your defense is open too much of the time,So try to pick the perfect amount on each so it would leave the most fair amount of time of being open to attacks.Fair for you AND the opponent.
8: Depending how hard the jutsu is to dodge or defend,A basic defend or dodge might be able to stop the jutsu.1 to 3 means you can dodge or defend them,3 to 4 depends,4 to 5 can't be dodged,Or defend,Depends if it's dodge or defend that is 4/5 or 5/5.If both defend and dodge are at these levels the jutsu can't be stopped.
More rules will come when i think of them.
Here is the basics to the battle.

1: Taijutsu/weapons: These can be used every turn,There is NO countdown.

Damage: 10 or 15 (15 with weapon,10 with out)
Chakra Cost: 10
Surprise: 0 (Can increase with certain jutsu)
Dodge: 2.5/5 (Can increase with certain jutsus)

2: Jutsu: These also can be used every turn,How ever they do cost chakra,So if you run out,Or don't have enough for the jutsu,You can't use them until you regain the right amount.

3: Dodge: Can be used every 3 messages,But doesn't work if the opponent uses an area jutsu,This allows you to dodge attacks/jutsu that has the dodge 1 to 3.If it's 3 to 4 then it depends if you actually see it coming,Be serious with that.If it's 4 to 5 it can't be dodged.This takes no chakra to use.

4: Defend: This can be used every 3 turns,In less you use dodge with in it,Dodge and defends countdown is basically linked,If you use one you have to wait for the countdown to use it again or the other one.This can defend attacks/jutsu that are 1 to 3,If it's 3 to 4 it depends on if the jutsu allows it or not (Details shown next to it's numbers on if and or what it can be defended.).If it's 4 to 5 it can't be defended.This takes no chakra to use.

Full Details on Jutsu
When you create a jutsu,Or use one that's already created,You'll have to fill out all the details,Even the ones that isn't custom there are parts you'll have to fill out.Here's a list of details,In the order they are placed

Jutsu name

How the jutsu works

Damage: (Increase Damage? Or stun? Effects such as that place here too if the jutsu has effects like that)
Chakra Cost:
Surprise Amount: (Increase surprise effects? Place effects like that here too if it has them)
Dodge: (Increase dodge? If there's effects that effects how hard it is to dodge,Place the effects here too.
Defend: (Can it be defended? )

Type: ?-Rank,Offensive?,Defensive?,Supplementary?,Genjutsu? Taijutsu? Ninjutsu?,Range? (If all ranges also put down if it's area effect or not,Some jutsu can go all ranges and NOT be area effect) Countdown

These are all the details to fill out,And now I'll give you an example of one jutsu fully filled out.

Wind Sword

This jutsu creates a blade of wind. The blade is said to be impossible to block because of its intangible nature. Unlike the Sickle Weasel Technique, this jutsu requires no tool.

Damage: 40
Chakra Cost: 55
Surprise Amount: 2.5/5
Dodge: 3/5 (Can dodge if you see it coming )
Defend: 5/5 (Can't be defended.)

Type: A-Rank,Offensive,Short to Mid Range,Ninjutsu,Countdown 4 messages

Note: The dodge is for how hard it is to dodge,The greater the number the harder to dodge,5/5 being seemingly impossible to dodge.Although keep in mind the opponent can use shadow clone jutsu to avoid it,So it doesn't have to be a basic dodge/defense.

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